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Over 2000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth promised that the lives of those who believed in him would flow with rivers of living water. What an incredible promise!

Rivers bring life and vitality to an area. Imagine how dull and dry our landscape would be without creeks and rivers! The driest and harshest areas of the country have been made fertile by capturing and directing the water from rivers that flows through these lands. Rivers allow life to grow and flourish. Healthy rivers have a strong flow—enough to create hydroelectric energy that lights our homes.

In our community, the Chattahoochee River is a powerful force that brings water from upstate mountains, provides water for life in Metropolitan Atlanta and eventually flows into the Gulf of Mexico. As the river is increasingly reclaimed and cleaned, the Chattahoochee is a growing source of recreational opportunities and a habitat for fish and wildlife.

It is from this area —“North of the River”— that many of us who are a part of the North River Church live, work and raise our families. And, like the powerful river that runs through our midst, we want our congregation to be a source of life for our neighborhoods — a refreshing place in a world that is increasingly harsh and spiritually dry. Magazines at the checkout stands every month shout the same statistics and survey results: many people are searching and thirsting for a sense of meaning and belonging that they are not finding elsewhere. We have learned that Life is Hard. Building a marriage that is exciting year after year, growing a family where children are unconditionally loved, yet obedient and respectful of their parents, and being excellent in our chosen careers is exceedingly difficult. Single adults and teenagers are searching for meaning in their lives. But that is exactly why Jesus 2000 year old promise is so important to us today.

When we genuinely believe in Jesus, and allow his teachings and his followers to support us and guide our decisions—our own hearts will become “streams of living water.” And we will be prepared and willing to share what we have found with others who have the same thirsts that we do. Our congregation is committed to God, the teachings in the Bible, meaningful relationships with one-another, and doing all in our power to help and serve others—both physically and spiritually. We sincerely hope you enjoy being with us—and will consider allowing God to produce in your life: “streams of living water.”

Come on in—the water is great!

— The Elders