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Recent Baptisms

For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit. (1 Corinthians 12:13)

A Mother and Daughter Become Sisters!

Chelsea CalhounChelsea Calhoun was an incoming freshman at Georgia Tech when she was baptized on July 1. She invited her family up to Lake Acworth to witness her new birth into Christ. Her mother, Yoko Calhoun, was very touched and grateful for the changes she saw in Chelsea, and for the love and devotion she had seen the campus ministry show her daughter. When invited to examine the Scriptures for herself, Yoko jumped at the chance. She also began attending the Tuesday morning women’s Bible study and forged several friendships. With a very soft heart and an open mind, Yoko soon learned about God’s will for her life, repented, made Jesus Lord and was baptized on Thursday night, Jan. 22. Now, she and Chelsea are sisters in Christ! Yoko is full of love and gratitude and can’t wait ‘to show God’s love to everyone’. Please get to know Yoko. She is a gem of a woman!

Joseph Karanja is baptized

josephJoseph Karanja, a student at Georgia State University, got baptized into Christ. Joseph is a humble man who went after the truth in the Scriptures, over everything else, for the past two months and decided to make Jesus Lord and enter the Kingdom. Welcome your new brother in Christ!

Sam Perry is baptized!

samperrySam Perry, a student at Georgia Tech, decided to get baptized on November 21, 2014! Sam grew up following in the footsteps of his father, who was a church pastor. After meeting the brothers, Sam began to realize that there was something missing in his spiritual walk: he wasn’t including Jesus in the picture. As soon as he came to this realization, Sam was eager to seek out what he needed to do to follow God with all his heart. After making the Scriptures the standard for his life, Sam made Jesus Lord. Please welcome this awesome brother into our family!

Chase Bradt is baptized!

chaseChase Bradt, a freshman at Kennesaw State, became a Christian on October 2! Chase came out to our first campus service this semester and has been devoted to seeking God ever since. He’s also been playing on the campus ministry’s volleyball and flag football teams this semester. Chase has been all in and such a light from the start. Everyone says Chase is so easy to talk to and a humble brother, constantly wanting to learn more. Please meet Chase, a wonderful brother!

Kayode Jinad is baptized

kayodeA “bringer of joy” is what his name literally means. Kayode Jinad, affectionately called KY, was baptized into Christ on Sunday, August 10 during service. KY is a REAL man and one who will easily tell you what he really feels about a situation. So it was no problem getting to the heart of the matter to learn about Jesus. In his walk so far, KY has already overcome major obstacles to be close to our Lord. Please welcome our new brother in the Lord.

Jonathan Sutton is baptized!

jonathansutton“Soldiers of Christ Arise.” Jonathan Sutton served valiantly in the United States Army in Afghanistan. He is a proud single dad — his daughter just graduated from Spellman College. Jonathan was first met five years ago. Due to his work schedule, he occasionally visited the church searching for a group of people who just wanted to follow/obey God’s word, and love each other deeply from the heart. Recently, he started studying the Bible with the brothers from the EDGE Ministry, and as a result of God’s powerful word, and the love and perseverance of the brothers, he was baptized last Sunday. He is so grateful now to serve in God’s Army with a humble, eager, obedient, and faithful heart. Please get to know this EDGE brother.

Garrett Lecroy is baptized!

garrettGarrett Lecroy is a rising sophomore studying Material Sciences at Georgia Tech. Garrett was met on campus when Jordan Zech and Brett Horton asked him, “Do you want to change the world?” Garrett caught on to the dream of changing the world and realized that the only way he could do that is through Christ. A month later, this past Wednesday, Garrett was baptized in Christ! Please take the time to get to know your new brother!

Chelsea Calhoun is baptized!

chelseaChelsea Calhoun, your new sister in Christ, was baptized on July 1 in Lake Acworth! She will be a freshman at Georgia Tech in the fall. She reached out to her high school friend Hannah Thompson to seek help with growing in her faith. For over a month and a half, Chelsea built deep convictions and a love for the Lord. She is a woman of noble character and integrity. Please reach out to our newest sister!

Ginny Perlman is Baptized!

ginnyFor years the Hickmans and the Perlmans have been next door neighbors. Their children have played together and the Hickmans have built a wonderful friendship with the Perlmans; in fact, Ginny Perlman was comfortable enough to knock on the Hickmans’ door and ask if their family could come to visit our church! Kristi Hickman and Ginny joke that this past winter’s ice storms were sent just for them so that their friendship could grow even more as they were trapped at home with each other. Ginny studied the Bible with Kristi, Kim Dalla Venezia, Marti Chiapetta, Ènid Tchir, and Sarah Kodinsky and is very thankful for each of these women. Ginny and her husband Mitch have two wonderful sons and look forward to getting to know all of you! (Picture L-R: Énid Tchir, Kristi Hickman, Ginny Perlman, Marti Chiapetta, Kim Dalla Venezia)

Mindi Hixon is baptized!

mindiThe Adams Family Group is excited to introduce to you your new sister in Christ, Mindi Hixon. Mindi first came to church last fall. She loved it and has been coming ever since. She started studying the Bible right away. The Bible was so new to her and she soaked it up like a sponge. She had to take a small break from studying to have her sweet baby Zoe. She is a single mom with 2 children: Zach, 19, and Zoe, 8 months. She is so grateful to God for His love and forgiveness and a second chance to be the woman and mother He created her to be. You will recognize Mindi and Zoe because they are always happy and have smiles on their faces.