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Marty Solomon & BEMA Discipleship, Dec 7 2019

Mark your calendars for the weekend of December 7 as North River welcomes Marty Solomon, a Bible teacher who leads the BEMA Discipleship Podcast. BEMA’s goal for listeners is “To love God. To love others. To become people of the Text.” Marty will be teaching on “The Four Pillars”: Text, Community, Discipleship, Wrestling (with God’s Word). Sunday, he will be preaching on “The Jewishness of Jesus.” 

Healing, stretching, and growing as a 62-year-old man and a 43-year-old disciple have been the norm for this seasoned disciple this past year thanks to insights from the BEMA Discipleship Podcast by Marty Solomon and Brent Billings. I first listened to BEMA last November and immediately did a BEMA-inspired midweek lesson on “Whose Empire Are You Building?”  It has been inspiring to see the healthy virus of trusting the text spread throughout North River and the entire Kingdom. My personal favorite insights from BEMA include: “God is enough,” “I am enough,” “God gives us just enough,” “God meets us in our shame,” and “Trust the story.” I am trusting God in a deeper way as He weaves my story into His story here at North River. -Steve Brand

Kathryn and I started listening to the BEMA Discipleship podcast just after Christmas 2018. What has resonated so much with us is the deeper dive into the intent of the authors in writing the Scriptures. We are eavesdropping on a very Eastern conversation, and as a result so many of our assumptions about God, the Scriptures, and God’s working in the world have actually been incomplete. We have been deeply comforted by God’s over-arching love as portrayed all throughout the Bible and provoked by the podcasts to do more wrestling with the problems that the Bible presents. I’m confident that your faith will be challenged and enriched by Marty’s visit to North River in December! -Greg Dillon

Important Terms

Unemployed: you currently do not have a job of any kind.

Under-employed: you currently do have a job but the level of challenge does not make use of the level of skill, education and/or experience that you are equipped to work and desire to work at.

Mis-employed: you currently do have a job but it is not in the area for which you have the skills, education, experience and desire to work.