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YES! (Youth Empowerment Services)

YES! (Youth Empowerment Services)

The mission of the YES! Program at the North River Church of Christ is be an outpouring of the love and grace of Christ by serving our immediate neighborhood through a free Saturday enrichment program offered seasonally to K-5 children as well as gifting them with school supplies each July. The Saturday program exists to foster academic excellence, self esteem and teamwork; our curriculum is designed and executed accordingly. We also partner with the Marietta City Schools social workers to provide community families with food and clothing from various drives throughout the calendar year.

YES! Spring Saturday II

Happy Resurrection Sunday  to All!

We had another spirited day at YES! yesterday with lots of special guests. We had friends from the Georgia Tech Campus Ministry and the Ottenweller and Wright family groups.

We began with an Easter- themed craft in Art!, bunny crayon holders and followed that with Creative Movement! We started to learn tinikling which is a traditional style of dance from the Philippines which involves tapping poles on the ground. For Mission Impossible! we learned more about insects, specifically pollination. Our experiment for the evening simulated what it would be like to be a honeybee collecting pollen. We had an hour of fun, field day-styled games with the Ottenweller group- a flipper relay, spoon race, water balloon toss and we ended with one of our favorites…tug of war! Each YES! participant left with goodies from the Ottenweller group and Easter bags from the Wright group.

We’re so grateful for the many volunteers who come to encourage us on Saturdays!

YES! Gives 2,000 Pounds of Love

Nearly two years ago, members of the North River Church of Christ prayerfully decided to create a Saturday program for the neighborhood families surrounding the church and called it the YES! (Youth Empowerment Saturdays) Program. When some of the volunteers met with the Marietta City Schools social workers for the first time, they shared the concept of how the church wanted to serve but also asked how the social work team thought our efforts would be most felt. They asked if North River, by way of YES!, would help support food insecure families by supplying meals over breaks from school. Of course, the disciples of Christ at North River were eager to give for our first drive in Winter of 2015. Not only did God really bless the collection of donations but also the families in the church who felt so benefitted by the opportunity to go interact with members of the community through giving. The project continued all the way through 2016 for the Spring and Winter breaks.

For our 2017 food drive, we committed to provide a week’s worth of meals for 40 families with varying amounts of children. Our goal was to collect 1,500 lbs of food as our last drive brought in about 1,300 lbs. 3 days before we were scheduled to deliver to families, we were woefully short of our goal. We had enough food for only three families! Our options were to cancel our commitment or find the food. Isn’t fortunate for us we serve a Lord who multiplies loaves, fishes and fruit cups and pasta, too?

Distress signals were sent out all over North River and members were responding within minutes with texts and phone calls. By this point, the easiest option would have been to say to the community, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed” but our family was able to live out James 2:16 by springing into action. Various families made monetary donations, last minute purging of the pantries and high priority trips to Costco. The EDGE Ministry spent post-Midweek time sorting the donations thus far and food kept pouring into the FLC. The abundance kept flowing right up until our delivery teams arrived. We were able to send 2,000 lbs of food out to our community. God turned our lack into loads!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for this effort, donated food or funds or gave your time to pack or deliver goods. Hopefully each member realizes they have been a part of a miracle much like those on the pages of Scripture.

YES! Spring Kickoff

April 8, 2017

We had a tremendous start to our YES! Spring session. Friends, new and old, gathered at the FLC for our afternoon focused on our word of the day- trustworthy. In Art!, we made our very own flip books followed by a water balloon toss during Sports! Ms. Katey taught us how to be entomologists, people who study bugs, during Mission Impossible! and we even held a few of the bugs we studied (except the tarantula and scorpion, of course). We learned that bugs truly help our daily life. Mr. Hamilton helped us talk about what it means to be trustworthy as we did some blind-folded trust exercises. As always, we sang silly songs and really enjoyed each other. We’re looking forward to another action- packed afternoon this coming Saturday when we have a field day planned with the Ottenweller family group!