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  • STARTFeb 17th - 1:30pm

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Financial Peace University

Come and learn some biblical truths of personal finances in a
way you may have not heard before from the North River
Church of Christ Financial Peace University (FPU).
Winter Semester 2019 offers a Bible-based financial education
that can have an impact on your family tree. Change your life
and the lives of your family to come. The course is hosted by
Dave Ramsey and facilitated by a team of alumni, including
Charles Arnett and Walt and Teresa Reddick. For more
information, go to the class website at https://fpu.com/1084847.
The only cost of the class is for materials. The first class starts
on Sunday, February 17 at 1:30pm in FLC 203 and lasts for
two hours. The course is nine weeks in total. Anyone can attend
the first class without committing to the entire course. We look
forward to seeing you in class this semester.