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Marriage Enrichment Session Coming in July 2018!

Seats are limited; please express your interest by contacting Anthony and Sandy Petty (contact info below).

Follow Up for United Marriage Graduates
For those who have graduated from UNITED, we will be having a follow-up small group class on communication.
The class will be limited to six couples, so first come, first served.
Date and time will be determined by the group.

You don’t need to be smarter, richer or luckier to have a great marriage, but you do need the right communication tools.
Based on the book “Fight Less, Love More,” this class teaches couples the vital skills needed to grow lasting love. In each of the nine one-hour classes, you will experience the benefit of using 5-Minute Conversations. These conversations will help to avoid and reduce conflict, increase appreciation, intimacy and respect, give a perfect apology and create a personalized daily communication routine that will keep your marriage strong and healthy.

To sign up contact:
Anthony and Sandy Petty
(404) 772-2506 (AP) | (954) 547-5021 (SP)