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Who’s Ready for SERVAPALOOSA 2019?!?

Who’s Ready for SERVAPALOOSA 2019?!?

Join the North River Church of Christ’s YES! Program for a day of service in our very own neighborhood! Come one, come all: small groups, communities, families, friends, co-workers, etc. This year, we have three ways to make a meaningful impact on our neighbors.

2nd Wind (Family Meal Sponsorship)- team up with a group and decide to sponsor a family. You will provide some meals/food staples to support this family during Spring Break. You can give non-perishables or perishables. Maybe you make a lasagna and freeze it for this family to enjoy later? You can also decide to put everything in colorful boxes and personalize them with cards, activities and games for the kids. Let us know if you can support a family with 2, 3, 4 or 5+ kids. By March 20th, YES! will provide you with specific details (e.g. address, contact info) for the family we’ve matched you with. You’ll decide whether your entire team or just representatives will deliver these goods to your family on March 30th between 10am and 2pm. Those on this team will not report to the FLC on the 30th, instead you’re taking SERVAPALOOSA to the ends of the earth…mostly just Marietta.

2nd to None- your team will serve as the face of North River to our superfantabulous neighbors. If you have cute kids or an adorable roommate, this would be perfect for you! You will knock on doors of the streets surrounding our building. Ask neighbors if they have prayer requests, needs and if they know what we’re doing in the community (e.g. Sunday services, our STEAM-based Saturday enrichment program for K-5 students). There’s a huge need here for Spanish speakers.

2nd Mile- its humbling to pick up trash other people have left behind. This team demonstrates to our neighbors our willingness to gets our hands dirty in efforts to unify with them. You will travel in small groups around the neighborhood collecting trash and maybe rescuing a shopping cart or two.

SERVAPALOOSA is going down on March 30th fro 12pm-2pm. 2nd to None and 2nd Mile will meet at the FLC at 11:30 am to begin promptly at noon.

Follow this LINK to sign up before March 10th