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Winter Break Family Meal Sponsorship

Winter Break Family Meal Sponsorship

Since 2015, the North River Church of Christ’s YES! Program has been teaming up with Marietta City Schools to provide meals for food insecure families for the long breaks from school. When some of these children receive 2 of their main meals from school at no cost, school holidays bring significant changes for their family.

Please consider joining forces with friends or family, office or club, or perhaps your family group. Your team (feel free to give yourselves an epic name) will shop for breakfast and lunch food items to support a family for the two weeks of school they have off. Non-perishables like oatmeal, cereal, pasta, soups, etc. can be great. Since your team will be delivering the food you may also opt to include some perishable options, frozen goods, or home-cooked meals. Deliveries are scheduled to be made Dec. 15th between 10 am and 2 pm. You will receive information about the family you’re serving- their address, how many children they have, any special dietary needs, etc. by December 8th.  Until then, feel free to imagine your family has 3 kids- it’s never too early to start pulling things together. Also, if you’d like to include small trinkets like coloring books or fun activities…the sky is the limit. Your team should make this their own unique expression of giving!

Follow this link to sign up your family or family group: