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YES! Backpack 2 SCHOOL Wish List

YES! Backpack 2 SCHOOL Wish List

Summer = Backpacks! Our annual BACKpack 2 SCHOOL Carnival will be combined with the Young Families Back to School Party on July 28th from 4pm-7pm. North River members have provided the children of our neighborhood with backpacks and school supplies every July since 2015 and the loving impact has certainly been felt! Let’s gear up to do it again, family. From now until July 18, backpacks and school supplies can be placed in the donation closet of the auditorium foyer. Thank you for your continued support!!!

Here’s a simple wish list…

Backpack (without wheels)

Child scissors

24 pack Crayola crayons

Jumbo pink erasers

#2 yellow pencils

Clorox wipes

Box of kleenex

White Copy paper

Ziploc bags (sandwich, quart and/or gallon)

Cap erasers

Dry erase markers

Glue sticks

Composition Notebooks

Plastic folders with prongs and pockets (green, orange, purple and/or red)

Pencil pouch

Index cards

Bottle of glue

Wide ruled notebook paper