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Our Two-Fold Mission: Reaching the Lost and Serving Those in Need (Matt 25 & 28)

Local: Special training sessions for men and women led by Tom and Kelly Brown will be offered to further equip members to study the Bible effectively with others and to strategically evangelize certain areas.

Regional: “We are going to Auburn!” North River has dozens of members who were converted to Christ as college students and several who have served as outstanding full time campus ministers. Over the next several years, we will focus our regional evangelism on planting campus churches and helping existing churches begin campus ministries in Georgia and the Southeast. We will become a training center for campus leaders and ministers, and our intent is to plant a campus church in Auburn, AL, in the next 12 months.

International: We will continue to support our missionary efforts in Africa through prayer and annual mission contributions. In addition to regular updates in our newsletters/bulletins, our goal is to send several of our members this year to personally encourage and evaluate the needs/ opportunities on the continent. We will continue to support our teaching ministry not only in Africa, but around the globe.

Benevolence & Community Service

As with sharing our faith, each disciple follows Jesus’ example of lifestyle evangelism and lifestyle service. As a church, we will encourage each Family Group over time to develop their own community service focus (i.e. elderly, prison ministry, feeding the poor, mentoring, etc.).