As we begin preparing for the month of March and for Women’s Day, our theme, FORWARD, resonates with us all. We all need something exciting to look forward to in life. We all want to keep growing and experiencing the fullness of life!  
We have a very special sister, Dana, who is willing to share her intense story and how God helped her find her way through.  Her  joyous faithful spirit is inspiring! That’s why I’m grateful God moved us 3 miles away from each other to become best friends. She keeps me laughing and constantly reminds me of how real God is. 
I know this will encourage us all to see God continues to provide what we need every day.
~ Debbie Mackintosh



In 1 Peter 5:7 we are taught to, “cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” Have you pondered that the things we are facing matter to God? I have seen my Father work powerfully in my life which gives me confidence in His healing even when the future feels uncertain!

Last year was a year wrought with challenges for me. I found out in early February that I had triple positive breast cancer. They found 2 different kinds and I was set up with a twelve month chemo regimen which I am still completing. Between the months of April through December, I had 5 surgeries along with a Staph infection. There were a plethora of tests and scans interspersed throughout to ensure proper care. There was a lot of fear and anxiety because the future felt unknown and changing from week to week. The way forward seemed daunting. Trying to see all the way to the end of a year was more than I could handle. Cancer quickly dropped me to my knees and left me there.

One scripture that came to life for me was Psalm 46:10, which says, “Be Still and Know that I am God! The situation was well beyond my control, but I entrusted myself completely into God’s care. I leaned heavily on my track record of faith, remembering I have experienced His deliverance again and again over the years. From that space of communion with God, I was able to slowly move forward.

My time with God over these months has taught me surrender. It was in that one word that I found peace. God’s peace that surpasses understanding was felt daily in a very real way and it is what kept me moving forward. Psalm 37:25 states, “God has never left the righteous hungry or his children begging for bread.” He wasn’t going to start with me. He wanted to meet me in this challenge to show himself directly, but trusting the process of God’s guidance can be challenging.

Let me share something with you that I learned from a sermon last year as it was pivotal in helping me move forward:

  • When you are lonely, you see God as your friend.
  • When you are tired, He becomes your strength.
  • When you are hungry, you experience the bread of Life.
  • When you are insecure, He becomes your security.
  • When you are empty, He fills you up.
  • HE ALONE is our provision.

I believe these truths will carry me all the way to the end!

 - Dana Hawkins

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