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We are taking a special day to honor those who have been heroes to us the past couple of years. Whether it's a nurse, teacher, doctor, friend, neighbor, family member, ANYONE!, we want to show our appreciation!  We will be offering special food and gifts to our guests of honor.

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HERO Stones

The pandemic was a challenging time in all of our lives. But, as is the case in all difficult times, HEROES emerge. You know what we’re talking about: that parent who loved you and supported you through it all, that teacher that braved Zoom to connect, or the doctors that stood by you as you recovered. We all have them: heroes who showed up and refused to give up.
Please invite your heroes to join us on 9/11for a service honoring them.
Our small token of appreciation will be a home painted stone. We need your help painting our gifts. If you haven’t had the chance to pick up a stone, Please grab one or more in the atrium after service on Sunday. If you’ve already completed them, please drop off in the basket in the atrium. Let’s give our heroes a warm thank you!
PS You may want to write a personal note to your visitors.
Thanks for being a part of making this great!