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Women's Bible Study

Come join us for a Bible Study every Tuesday morning at 10 am in FLC 101. Beginning January 3, we will be studying the Gospel of Matthew. Beginning with Matthew 8-13.

If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Cicerchia: 678-908-0103

Childcare is provided. Please text Marilisa Schachinger at 678-665-4862

No pre-registration required.

Location Change: FLC 101

Series and Schedule 2023

The Gospel of Matthew

  • Mar 14: Matt 13:1-23 Parable of Sower (Susan)
  • Mar 21: Matt 13:24-43 Parables of weeds/Mustard seed/ Yeast (Ashley)
  • Mar 28: Matt 13:44-58 Treasure/Pearl/Net/Prophet without honor (Potluck) (Melanie)
  • Apr 4: No TBS/Spring Break
  • Apr 11: Matt.14:1-21 John the Baptist beheaded/Feeding 5000 Ashley
  • Apr 18: Matt.14:22-36 Jesus walks on water Sylvia
  • Apr 25: POTLUCK Matt.15:1-20 Clean and Unclean Ashley
  • May 2: Matt.15:21-39 Faith of Canaanite Woman/Feeding of 4000Melanie
  • May 9: Matt.16:1-12 Demand for a Sign/Yeast of Pharisees & SadduceesAnn
  • May 16: Matt.16:13-28 Peter’s Confession of Christ/Jesus Predicts his Death Debbie
  • May 23: Matt.17:1-27 Transfiguration/Healing of boy withDemon/Temple Tax Noelle
  • May 30: POTLUCK Matt.18:1-20 Greatest in Kingdom/Parable of lost Sheep/Brother who sins against you Sylvia
  • Jun 6: Matt.18:21-35 Parable of Unmerciful Servant Melanie
  • Jun 13: Matt.19:1-15 Divorce/Little Children and Jesus Debbie
  • Jun 20: Matt.19:16-30 Rich Young Man Ashley
  • Jun 27: Matt.20:1-16 Parable of Workers in Vineyard Melanie
  • July 4: NO TBS/Holiday
  • July 11: Matt.20:17-34 Jesus again predicts his death/A mother’s request/2 blind men receive sight Ashley
  • July 18: Matt.21:1-17 The Triumphal Entry/Jesus at the Temple Susan
  • July 25: Matt.21:18-32 Fig Tree Withers/Jesus’ authority questioned/Parable of 2 Sons Melanie
  • Aug 1: Matt.21:33-46 Parable of the Tenants Ashley