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Women's Bible Study

Come join us for a Bible Study every Tuesday morning at 10 am in FLC 101. Beginning January 18, we will be studying the Sermon of the Mount, Matthew 5-7

Childcare is provided. Please text Marilisa Schachinger at 678-665-4862

No pre-registration required.

Location Change: FLC 101

Series and Schedule 2022 

The Gospel of Matthew

  • Oct 25: Amazed by Jesus (Matt 7:28-29) POTLUCK Sylvia
  • Nov 1: Matt 1-Geneology/Joseph—Ashley Reese
  • Nov 8: Matt 2:1-23- Magi visit/Escape to Egypt/Return to Nazareth—Susan Adkins
  • Nov 15: Matt 3:1-12-John the Baptist—Ashley Reese
  • Nov 29: Matt 3:13-4:11- Baptism of Jesus/Temptation in Wilderness—Sylvia Wyatt
  • Dec 6: Matt 4:12-25 Jesus begins his ministry—Noelle Broyles
  • Dec 13: Advent Devotional—Melanie Cicerchia

If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Cicerchia: 678-908-0103