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Women's Bible Study

Come join us for a Bible Study every Tuesday morning at 10 am in FLC 101. Starting January 2, 2024, we will be beginning a new series on the Psalms.

If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Cicerchia: 678-908-0103

Childcare is provided. Please text Marilisa Schachinger at 678-665-4862

No pre-registration required.

Study of Psalms

  • Jan 2: Intro to Psalms-Susan A

3 Psalms of David written for Specific Circumstances in his Life

  • Jan 9: Ps18-A song of Deliverance-Debbie
  • Jan 16: Ps 51-David prays for Forgiveness-Ashley
  • Jan 23: Ps 63-David expresses gratitude for God’s Protection-Melanie

Psalms For the Troubled Soul

  • Jan 30: Ps 5 & 6-Prayer for protection of the righteous/Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies-Florence
  • Feb 6: Ps 7 & 55-Prayer for refuge from Enemies-Ann Lucas
  • Feb 13: Ps 11 & 13-Security of righteous from threats of wicked/Prayer for salvation from Enemies-Ashley
  • Feb 20: Ps 23-The Lord as a Protective Shepherd-Susan
  • Feb 27: Ps 46 & 62-Refuge & Strength in the God who rules over nations/God is our only Strength-Melanie
  • Mar 5: Ps 71-Prayer for God’s presence even in old age-Debbie
  • Mar 12: Ps 77-The comfort in knowing God’s record of deliverance-Ashley
  • Mar 19: Ps 91-The personal protection of one who trusts in God-Melanie
  • Mar 26: Ps 121 & 144-The Lord watches over His people/Prayer for God’s power-Florence

Psalms About Righteousness and Wickedness:

  • Apr 2: Ps 15 & 36-Characteristics of a righteous person/Depravity of wicked-favor of the righteous-Susan
  • Apr 9: Ps 1 & 14-Vitality of righteousness-vulnerability of the wicked/Foolishness of disbelief-misery of evildoers-Ann
  • Apr 16: Ps 37-The righteous poor have no cause to envy wicked-Melanie
  • Apr 23: Ps 39-Difficulty withholding outrage; reminder of life’s brevity-Katie
  • Apr 30: Ps 40-Recognition of true religion in righteous living-Ashley
  • May 7: Ps 73-Folly of riches compared to blessings of righteous-Noelle
  • May 14: Ps 84-Superiority of house of God over dwellings of wicked-Ashley
  • May 21: Ps 90-Importance of remembering life’s brevity-Melanie
  • May 28: No Bible Study