Scriptures: Mt 28:18-20, Gen 1:27, Gal 3:26-29, Jn 13:34-35, Jn 17:20-21, Eph 2:14-20, 1 Co 9:19-23, Rev 5:9

We are a diverse family of believers. These are the first seven words of our vision statement, and we live it out with genuine love for each other.

Furthermore, we are working on breaking down the barriers to communicating with each other, understanding one another, and having empathy with one another.

Truths We Share in Common

These shared truths are in line with the gospel of Christ and dispel the falsehood of racial differences. (For these statements, “we” identify ourselves as people of all races, all cultures, and both sexes.)

  • A Common Humanity: We are all made in the image of God and have equal value in God’s sight. (Gen 1:27, Gen 9:6, Gal 3:26-29)
  • A Common Calling: God wants us all to be Jesus’ disciples. (Mt 28:18-20)
  • A Common Salvation: Jesus died for all of us alike, and offers the same forgiveness, the same Holy Spirit, the same mercy, the same sanctification, the same sonship, and the same adoption to us all.

Commitments to Each Other

  • Commitment to Love: We love each other completely and sacrificially as Christ loved us. (Jn 13:34-35)
  • Commitment to Unity: We understand our differences. We are reconciled with each other. We are completely united with each other. These things are a powerful testimony to the world. (Jn 17:20-21)
  • Commitment to Trust: We trust one another’s motives. We give each other the benefit of the doubt. We resist temptations to jump to conclusions or judge one another by mere appearances. (1Co 13:4-8)