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Church on Sunday!

10 AM | Auditorium

Looking forward to worshipping together and continuing our series on the Sermon on the Mount! 

This service is mask optional with a mask-only section.

Spanish translation is available. Click to learn more.

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May 28| 10 AM | Auditorium

Celebrate Pentecost with us! On Sunday, May 28, we will commemorate the unleashing of God's Spirit into all nations, highlighting the many cultures within our church family. If you speak another language and would like to be featured in the service, contact Jeff Hickman at

After church, we will be having an International Potluck up the hill at the Lighthouse! So bring a large dish to share from your family heritage! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

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Generosity Sunday Season of Giving

Now Through June 30

Our Generosity Sunday Season of Giving is going on now through June! We are supporting International Missions, Local Missions, Southeast Missions, and Facilities. Our Goal is $436K, hoping that we can raise as much as $536K and be able to do even more for the glory of God!

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Swamp Scholarships!

We have donated funds to the Swamp to be able to provide scholarships for summer camp registration for families in financial need and unable to pay the full price of camp. The scholarships are intended to be used by families for whom the help will make the difference between being able to sign up or not. If you are in need, please get in touch with Brianna at the Swamp right away at as there are a limited number available and they will be distributed by the Swamp on a first come basis. 

-The Benevolence Team

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Austin Eldred Was Baptized!

Austin started attending Lafayette College Fall 2021. Prior to attending school his parents (Michael and Kerling Eldred) took him to visit the church  there. He sporadically attended church as at times his football schedule would interfere. He watched his two best friends Camron and Eric Carty became disciples. He was happy for them but was not ready to make that decision. His two friends who are also twin brothers stayed in there with Austin and was an example to him. A few months ago, he attended the campus retreat with the church in PA. He called his mom Kerling and was totally convicted by the messages. He said he left the room sobbing as he came to realize how many times God came after him and he would not respond. He said he wants to live for God. He decided to study the Bible for a second time as he studied before with the teen ministry at NR. Austin truly exemplified what Godly sorrow is. He was ready to confess and began making changes. The common denominator of what everyone had to say about Austin was how much he has changed and matured over the last few months. On Sunday, May 7 at 3:30 pm, Austin was baptized. The family at the Lehigh Valley Church been praying for five years to convert someone from Lafayette College. They said they could not be happier for the blessings of having Austin as the first disciple there. They feel confident Austin will help them win some souls at the college. To God be the glory!

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We Mourn The Loss of Ms. Shin Ja Lee

With great sadness, we announce the loss of Jae Jeung Kim’s beloved mother, Ms. Shin Ja Lee who was baptized in Seoul Church of Christ 1995, a member of St. Louis Church of Christ in St. Louis, MO, 1998 and then North River Church of Christ from 2013. In loving memory of her mother, we are saddened to announce her passing on 05/04/2023, 5:28 pm Thursday. A life so faithfully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered. Burial Ceremony for her to be buried right next to her husband in the earth, Dr. Chan Mook Kim at  North Atlanta Memorial Park located at 5188 Winters Chapel Rd Atlanta, GA 30360 (770) 804-1177. 

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Pray With Us

Please pray for those in our church family who are hurting, those named here and others not on this list. If you have prayer requests, please let us know at

  • Greg Lynn: Karl Lynn's brother, Greg, has STAGE 4 lung and kidney cancer. The cancer is in both lungs. Please pray for Greg, his kids and wife Brenda. 
  • Kendall Knight: We grieve and mourn with Kendall and his familyKendall lost his mother and father within weeks of each other. Please pray for the entire Knight family. 
  • Judith Hicks: Judith is experiencing several mental health issues that constantly attack her faith. Please pray for her to have a firm faith in God and Jesus and to be healed mentally.
  • Dana Hawkins: Please continue to pray for full recovery from cancer.