Worship With Us On Sunday
9 AM and 11 AM

Excited to worship together this Sunday! The 9 AM service will take place in the Lighthouse Classroom this week due to the Campus Training Program. 11 AM service will be in the auditorium as usual, as well as livestreamed.

9 AM Service 11 AM Service

Campus Training Program

May 18-22

We have 150 campus students coming to North River from around the country to receive ministry training this weekend! Here is the schedule for anyone who would like to check it and meet our guests!

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Serving Opportunity this Saturday
Historic "Jonesville Freed Slaves Cemetery" Clean Up/Restoration
NR member Yesenia Castro-Vasquez, who works at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, is offering NR members another honorable opportunity to serve alongside military personnel to help clean up/restore the historic cemetery where freed slaves and their families are buried. 
The "Jonesville" community (which is the current location of the Dobbins ARB) was founded and built by Freed Slaves. The cemetery had been forgotten and abandoned until 2021 when efforts began to restore the honor of this historic cemetery. Please come help restore the grounds to properly honor the deceased! 
-If interested, contact Yesenia Castro-Vasquez at 786-473-7317 or  yesenia.castrovazquez@gmail.com.
-Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age and bring their own noninvasive gardening tools such as plastic rakes, leaves claws, gas leaf blowers, cutting shears, etc.
- When/Where to park and meet: Please meet at 8:45 am at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base in the parking lot between the softball fields and tennis courts. We will walk together to the cemetery at 9 am.   
-Due to the security levels on base, volunteers must provide Yesenia (via email or text) with the following information by Tuesday, May 17 at the latest:  
-Full Name, Citizenship, Date of Birth, Driver's License #, and Driver's License State of issue.
VBS 2022
Reserve your spot!

VBS is coming up fast! Be sure to reserve your spot so your kid won't miss out on a fun and spiritually enriching experience!

Free Haircuts On Sunday!
May 22 | 1-3 PM | Lighthouse Gym
Trez, from Gents and Lads Barbershop Parlor, can do all cuts, styles and textures. However to be able to accommodate everyone in a timely manner, the cuts will be even all over or buzz cuts lined up with a beard included. Ages 16 and older. 
Email Matt at matttchir@nrcoc.org to secure your spot.  
Pentecost Service
Sunday, June 5

We are having a special celebration for Pentecost on June 5! We are celebrating our international diversity, and so we encourage everyone to wear traditional clothing from their home country if you are from outside the US. If not, we encourage everyone to wear red as it symbolizes the Holy Spirit's fire unleashed on that day! After the service, we will be having an international potluck, and so if you would like to participate, please bring a traditional dish to share.

All Generations Coming To Christ

Walter, Elijah, Ethan, and Joe were all baptized this week!

Click here to read more about the amazing things God has done in the lives of these men.

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THRIVE Ministry Memorial Day Event

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BACKpack 2 SCHOOL Supply Drive is in Full Effect
Donations needed through July

Please consider donating to our YES BACKpack 2 SCHOOL Supply Drive! Donations are needed through July 24. Click to learn more.

Learn More

World Discipleship Summit

July 31 - August 7

Shining Stars Performing Arts Academy

June 26 - July 2
Summer Swamp Camp Vouchers

Vouchers are available to offset some of the costs of registering children for a week at The Swamp. All vouchers are being distributed electronically this year.  If you are interested, please contact Alberto Schirmer at albertoschirmer@nrcoc.com. They are intended to be used by families for whom the vouchers will make the difference between being able to sign up or not.  As there are a limited number of vouchers available, they will be distributed on a first come basis until all are given out.

-The Benevolence Team

Parking and Usher Volunteers Needed!

As our Sunday attendance is growing, so is our need for parking and usher volunteers. If you are able and willing to serve in this way, please click to fill out our volunteer form. Thank you!

Volunteer Form
Howard Street Parking

More and more people are coming back to church on Sundays, which is awesome!  It also creates the need to make more parking spaces available, so if you're able (particularly younger people without children), we encourage you to park in our overflow lot at 250 Howard St 30060 (See map).  Thank you!

Prayers Needed
Please pray for those in our church family who are hurting, those named here and others not on this list. If you have prayer requests, please let us know at connect@nrcoc.com
  • We mourn for the victims of the shooting in Buffalo, NY. Please pray for comfort and justice for the families and the community. 
  • War in Europe: Please pray for an end to the war.
  • Mercedes Bowley: Please keep her in her prayers for a quick recovery from surgery.
  • Lauren Riley: Please pray for her continued healing from cancer.
  • Sonny Custodio: Please pray for full recovery.
  • Abe DeLeon: Please pray for cancer treatment to be effective.
  • Dana Hawkins: Please continue to pray for full recovery from cancer.
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