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Generosity Sunday This Sunday

10 AM | Auditorium

Looking forward to worshipping together this Sunday at 10 AM in the auditorium. We will also be taking up our Generosity Sunday collection during service, but you can give online now through the end of June. 

More info at

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Thrive Service This Sunday

4 PM | Lighthouse

The Thrive Ministry (singles and newly married) will be having a service this Sunday at 4 PM in the Lighthouse. The service will include a Generosity Sunday collection. 

Click here to signup for BBQ!

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More Helpers Needed for Wednesday’s Service Opportunity

Last week we shared that Jeff Hickman was the only person signed up to support the May 8th MUST Neighborhood Pantry at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy on behalf of North River. We have a few more folks now (thank you!) and we need about 15 more. We'd love for you to join us from 5P-7P this coming Wednesday; sign up here today. This is a great way to serve with your family and/or family group! These times at the pantry continue to be such a testament to God's kindness- don't miss out! May's event will be especially meaningful as our HOPEww chapter is providing children's books for the families served. 

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Mother's Day Gift Drive

A group of young moms has organized giving gift bags to the Moms staying at the Atlanta road Ronald McDonald house over Mother’s Day. There are 81 moms currently staying and we would love your help! Please follow the link below to send items from our Amazon list or send money directly to the @mothersday2024 Venmo account. If you have any questions you can reach out to Jessica Franklin (404-797-1323) or Alyssa Crews (678-983-2411).

Click to access Wishlist

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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While optimizing and promoting mental health year-round is ideal, we have an opportunity during the month of May to highlight the importance of prioritizing mental health and bringing awareness to the experience of living with mental illness. If you would like information on how to access services, resources for wellness, or inquire about when and how to seek out mental healthcare, stop by the table in the foyer on May 5 or May 26th before or after service.

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Kingdom and Politics

Michael Burns gave a great talk last weekend about knowing our identity during this highly politicized season. You can watch the video here.

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Prayer Requests

Please pray for those in our church family who are hurting, those named here and others not on this list. If you have prayer requests, please let us know at

  • Melinda Morrell-Wilson was diagnosed with Thoracolumbar scoliosis.  That is a a sideways curve that occurs in the junction of the spine's middle-back (lower thoracic) and lower-back (upper lumbar) regions.  It causes quite a bit of pain in the back, hips,  and stomach. Please pray for recovery. 
  • Nicha Hilliard: Please pray for Nicha's dad, Curtis Thompson, as he is suffering from Stage 4 lung cancer in Jackson, MS.
  • Dean Richards: Joe White's cousin Dean Richards, a fireman in Davy, Florida, suffered a stroke recently and is in a coma. His wife Jess Is from Great Britain, So none of her family are stateside. Please pray for Dean's Full and rapid recovery, So that He, Jess And there little one can be Reunited. Thank you all and God Bless!
  • Nora Reed (Aunt of Joe White) of Savannah, 81 has Covid and pneumonia at Memorial Hospital in Savannah. Please pray for Aunt Nora. Thank you all, God Bless. - Joe White
  • Rosa Lopez: Please keep Rosa López in your prayers. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pray for healing and comfort as this is being a devastating news for the entire family.
  • Harvey Allen: Our brother Harvey was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Please pray for complete healing.
  • Greg Lynn: Karl Lynn's brother, Greg, has STAGE 4 lung and kidney cancer. The cancer is in both lungs. Please pray for Greg, his kids and wife Brenda. 
  • Judith Hicks: Judith is experiencing several mental health issues that constantly attack her faith. Please pray for her to have a firm faith in God and Jesus and to be healed mentally.
  • Dana Hawkins: Please continue to pray for full recovery from cancer.