"And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved..." (Acts 2:47)

We rejoice with those who have made Jesus Lord of their life! If you’re interested in learning more about God’s call for repentance and baptism, contact us

May 2023

Austin Eldred

Austin started attending Lafayette College Fall 2021. Prior to attending school his parents (Michael and Kerling Eldred) took him to visit the church  there. He sporadically attended church as at times his football schedule would interfere. He watched his two best friends Camron and Eric Carty became disciples. He was happy for them but was not ready to make that decision. His two friends who are also twin brothers stayed in there with Austin and was an example to him. A few months ago, he attended the campus retreat with the church in PA. He called his mom Kerling and was totally convicted by the messages. He said he left the room sobbing as he came to realize how many times God came after him and he would not respond. He said he wants to live for God. He decided to study the Bible for a second time as he studied before with the teen ministry at NR. Austin truly exemplified what Godly sorrow is. He was ready to confess and began making changes. The common denominator of what everyone had to say about Austin was how much he has changed and matured over the last few months. On Sunday, May 7 at 3:30 pm, Austin was baptized. The family at the Lehigh Valley Church been praying for five years to convert someone from Lafayette College. They said they could not be happier for the blessings of having Austin as the first disciple there. They feel confident Austin will help them win some souls at the college. To God be the glory!

Joshua Frost

Joshua Frost, a sophomore at Georgia Tech university. Studying in Mechanical Engineering, he’s also part of the intramural swim team. Joshua started studying the Bible in the beginning of the semester and desired to be a part of something different. Josh quickly sought to be a man who life was completely different from where it was in the beginning of the semester. Joshua desired to allow Jesus to reign rather than himself and being engulfed into the college life, and was baptized on May 4th!

Kaleb Rasmussen

Kaleb Rasmussen, a sophomore at Georgia tech studying business. Kaleb has his own business called Perch! He also has shares in different vending  machines around Atlanta. Kaleb started studying the Bible in the fall, however he stopped due to family situations that happened. In the spring Kaleb reached out to us expressing how he desires to be a man who loves Jesus. Kaleb sought after change through bible studies, repentance, and prayer. Kaleb has radically changed and truly allowed Jesus transform his life, and was baptized into Christ.

April 2023

Beth Treschitta

Beth Treschitta (2nd from the left) was met by her neighbor, Ana Maria on Halloween night 2021. Her deep desire to know God moved her to study weekly with Ana Maria and Kristi for more than a year, during which she read the entire Bible on her own! She has become a treasured part of the Reese family group in East Cobb, and was baptized on April 13th.

Garnet Davis

It was a joyous occasion and a big family reunion back at the Mackintosh Pool. A crowd of about 75 gathered there to witness Charles Arnett’s mom, Garnet Davis, get baptized. 
Garnet had been attending the Tuesday morning Bible Study and studying the Bible with Debbie Mackintosh, Michelle Dodd and Judi Roberts. Garnet just moved in with the Arnett family and will be part of the NW Community.

March 2023

Tara Bierwagen

Tara Bierwagen (second from right) was baptized at Women’s Night on March 18th! She was met in the parking lot of a coffee shop, she helped Liz Covington pay for parking and then they started texting about God and realized we had very similar testimonies. Tara was faithfully seeking Him on her own yet was eager to grow in her love and knowledge of the scriptures with some sisters and now she’s a part of our family community!

December 2022

Daphne Francis

Christmas Miracle! Daphne Frances was baptized on December 24th 2022! Many sisters from many communities in the church helped her on her journey with Christ! Let’s welcome our new sister! 

Julia Lynch

Julia Lynch (center) is a fourth year biomedical engineering major at Georgia Tech. She was met right before a midweek on campus and her eagerness to know more about God was very evident. Julia is filled with so much joy and gratitude for the scriptures and wanted nothing to get in the way of her being reconciled to God!!

Adia Barrera

Adia Barrera (left) is a freshman at Emory University and was connected with some friends of the ministry years before any of them became disciples. As her friends got to know Christ they shared the good news with her and invited her to come and see what God was doing in the campus ministry. Having a foundation of faith and love for Gods word, Adia began to examine her faith and her deep desire to honor God in every way led her to be baptized in the Chattahoochee River on Dec 8! Her fierce love for God and desire to serve others is contagious!! Get to know our new sister in Christ!

Scottie Childs

Scottie is a member of the Childs family and has been a part of North River for several years. He has been studying the Bible since the summer and has been determined to become a disciple for as long as he can remember. Scottie has a true servant heart for God and was able to be added to God’s Kingdom on Monday December 12, 2022!

Carter Payne

Carter Payne was baptized on 12/9/22! It was inspiring having North River and Northview come together to celebrate Carter giving his life to Jesus. The Paynes have been anchors in our church for a long time and their example has influenced so many people. Carter, like Jesus, is gentle and humble in heart and it we can’t wait to see how God uses him. 

Dusty Phillips

Dusty Phillips was baptized on Sunday December 11 by his older brother Mack in the Chattahoochee River.  Dusty has had a long spiritual battle and God has worked powerfully through many years and many people to help bring him to faith and repentance.

October 2022

Christine Livergood

Christine (center) was baptized on October 30th. God moves in mysterious ways! From Hawaii to the island of Guam to Atlanta God worked to instill His message of salvation and love for His Word into Christine's heart. By reading the Bible on her own, the Spirit moved to show her Gods plan for salvation. Through the prayers of her uncle Brian McMillan in Guam and the outreach of the North River church - she was able to study with Debbie Mackintosh and Michelle Wright.  Christine is now your sister in Christ.

Raven Davis

Raven (center) and I met two weeks before the end of the spring semester and we decided to become study buddies. Who decides to become study buddies two weeks before the end of the semester? God was orchestrating something bigger than we even knew. A year and half later, the way He has transformed Raven’s heart and mind is so evident and inspiring! Raven made Jesus the Lord of her life on October 15th; her heart for God and people is admirable. We are so grateful she is our sister in Christ!

- Tawina McNeely

August 2022

Joshua Purim

Joshua Julian Puram, “Josh”, was baptized on Sunday, August 14th. Josh is originally from Hyderabad, India, and is currently getting his Master’s at Georgia State in Data Science and Analytics. His cousin, Cherub Israel, is a disciple in Milwaukee and hooked Josh up with several brothers from the East Community back in January. Josh has been attending services and studying the bible ever since. His passion for God and heart for people were immediately apparent. He quickly volunteered to join the choir in preparation for last April’s Easter Service. He’s greatly impressed and endeared himself to the brothers with his love for God and soft heart towards His Word. Clearly, God has amazing things in store for him. You’ve got to get to know this wonderful new brother-in-Christ!

Garett Eldred

Garett is the eldest son of Michael & Kerling Eldred, longtime members of the church in New York City & here at North River. He graduated from Walton High School where he started on the Varsity football team. He played college ball in California and Mississippi before landing at Georgia State, where he graduated. Afterwards, Garett received a full scholarship to Georgetown Law School where he recently received the honor of being accepted as a staff member of the Georgetown Law Journal. Over the years, Garett was poured into by numerous brothers and families and is grateful that God showed him “immense patience (1 Timothy 1:16) and love. We’re all excited that so many prayers were answered as Garett chose to submit to Jesus and enter the waters of baptism!

Marco Cabrera

Marco Cabrera was baptized on Sunday, August 14th! Marco is an awesome athlete that just won the State Baseball Championship but he also has a soft heart and strong desire to please God. He didn’t want to start his freshman year at Berry College without making the decision to follow Jesus! Congratulations Marco!

July 2022

Lovola Smith

Born on October 15, 1957 to the late JW and Joann Smith, Lovola Smith was the youngest girl of 7 children. She is the mother of Debora (Louis) Childs and grandmother of Desereé Childs. Despite being raised in church, Lovola decided when she was on her own that it was not for her. After years and years of experiencing tragic events, God was the only one responsible and therefore must not love her (because He wouldn’t let these things happen if He did). Since getting baptized in 1994, Debora has been praying for her momma to see just how much God loves her and was there during the darkest moments of her life. Not only did she remain blind, but actually did not care too much for the “church” and made it very clear to the Childs family. After moving here in 2019 and being diagnosed with vascular dementia, God has been working on her heart and she finally demanded to study the Bible! With the help of Adrian Keen, Desereé Childs, Sharon Cooper (Memphis Church of Christ) and Debora, God gently showed just how much He loves her and waited patiently as she accept that fact. So on July 29, 2022, Lovola made Jesus Lord! She holds Psalm 23 dear and near to her heart as her goes back and forth with lucidity!!

Stanford Kaste

Stan was baptized on July 23rd, the last day of Camp Swamp! Stan has grown up in the North River Church virtually his whole life. His parents, Andrew and Shea, are long-time members. Stan studied the bible throughout his time in the Youth and Family ministry as a high school student, and he recently graduated this past May. This summer, Camp Swamp had a huge impact on his spiritual walk. He really felt like God really made things click for him, and he didn't want to face another day without being fully connected to HIM. 

Bekah De Leon

On Saturday, July 2, rising 10th grader Rebekah De Leon (second from left) made the faithful decision to follow Jesus for life and be baptized! Bekah is the youngest daughter of Mike and Cheri De Leon, who, along with rising 12th grader Jake, moved here just over a year ago from a sister church in Los Angeles. The De Leons have quickly become great encouragements to the Youth & Family ministry! Bekah is a genuine friend to many, and her belief in God’s love and growing relationship with Jesus are inspiring. We are excited for her as she starts this incredible journey of faith!

May 2022

Sharon Coolidge

The angels are rejoicing as Sharon Coolidge (left) was baptized in Ellicottville, New York! Sharon is a mother of three and a grandmother to eleven, but everyone who knows her calls her Nana. Sharon’s granddaughter, Bre, was the first to be baptized in their family, followed by Sharon’s son, Bre’s father, Bill Coolidge. God is moving powerfully in their family! Sharon’s faith and desire to know God and understand the Bible is inspiring. She continued studying during her hospital stay for back surgery and shared her faith each day with the medical staff and other patients. Suzanne Carmen, Kate Weber, and Peggy Beaman along with Roxanne Spengler in New York have been studying with Sharon for months via Zoom. Though we’ve not yet met Sharon in person it’s been amazing to watch God knit our hearts together despite the distance and watch God transform Sharon’s heart and life into a new creation!

Larry and Bobbie Drury

John and Pam Durkota became disciples nearly 40 years ago as young college students. In 2014, Pam’s parents moved from Illinois to Georgia. Since that time they have experienced God’s love first hand through so many of our North River family. And God’s love works miracles! A few months ago, Larry and Bobbie decided to examine their own relationship with God. Harold and Suzanne drove each week from Duluth for their Monday night Bible study. Ed and Janice Youmans also joined in. On May 31, Larry and Bobbie, ages 80 and 81, made the decision to be baptized! What a testament to the power of God and his word, and to the love of Jesus lived out by his disciples. Welcome Bobbie and Larry!

Sterling Boyd

We are excited to celebrate that our brother, Sterling Boyd, who had strayed away from God and the church for about 15 years is now ready to continue to follow Jesus and be committed to His church! Restoration is spiritual strengthening, bringing refreshment and deeper appreciation of God. When a sheep wanders from the flock, it needs to be brought back -- the shepherd needs to care and go after it. So it is with people (James 5:19-20). For the several months Sterling spent time with the brothers in the Bible to help restore his heart back to God.  This past Wednesday night (5/25), Sterling shared his story at the West/Cobb Smyrna Community midweek. 

Ethan Pallas

Ethan Pallas was baptized on May 18, 2022! Ethan has an incredibly vulnerable and honest heart that has impacted all who have met him. Dozens gathered for his late night last minute baptism - Ethan couldn’t wait another day and had the heart of the “Look here is water…” Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8. Ethan has grown up at North River and is a part of the Kennesaw State campus ministry. We can’t wait to see how Jesus uses him!

Elijah Hawkins

Elijah Hawkins (left) was baptized on Sunday, May 15. This 18 year old is one of the most friendly, soft-hearted teenagers you will ever meet. He has persevered through challenging circumstances with a spirit of faith and joy and we are so inspired by his love for God. Elijah has grown up among us at North River and we can’t wait to watch him continue to soar. We are so excited for Elijah and the Hawkins family and can’t wait to see how God uses Elijah. 

Walter Nunnallee
It was exciting to see Walter Nunnallee baptized into Christ last Sunday!  Walter and Sherwin grew up together in Avon Park, FL.  Their paths crossed a few times after High School Graduation, but they mostly kept up with each other through friends and family.  Walter was impressed with the trajectory of Sherwin's musical accomplishments and nominated Sherwin for the Avon Park Champions Club Hall of Fame.  After a detailed process of vetting, documentation and committee approvals, Sherwin was inducted in March of this year with all his family in attendance in his hometown of Avon Park.  Traditionally, the Hall of Fame has been for athletes and business people.  Sherwin was the first person in the Arts to be inducted.  
Sherwin was honored to be nominated by Walter and to be recognized by his hometown of Avon Park, but Sherwin believed that God must have a greater purpose for this award.  Sherwin used his written bio and his acceptance speech at the ceremony to talk about his faith in God.  Walter had been an agnostic for most of his life and in his career as a tax attorney.  Through some health issues with his wife, Joyce, and himself, he began to examine the faith of his wife and others around him.  He started asking Sherwin a lot of questions about his faith.  Walter began to rethink the existence of God and to study out the credibility of Christianity.  Walter and Sherwin started studying the Bible in person during the week-end of the induction in March and then continued to study on Zoom after that.  Walter was a voracious reader, and went through a couple of books on apologetics, read much of the New Testament and watched the North River services online.  Throughout this process his faith grew.  Chase Mackintosh (whom Walter calls his adopted son) joined Sherwin & Walter on Zoom.  It wasn't long before Walter made his decision to become a true believer in Christ and to make Jesus the Lord of his life.  Chase and Sherwin were able to baptize Walter on May 15.  Pray for Walter and Joyce as they continue their journey of faith!
Joe Markowski

Joe Markowski (center back) was baptized in Ellicottville, NY last Sunday. He is a retired US Air Force Senior Master Sergeant with a total of 26 years of military service between the US Marines and the US Air Force. He is married to his beautiful bride Denise; they have been married for 42 years and have 2 children, Joseph and Julia, 7 grandchildren, and a great granddaughter. Joseph is a Lt. Colonel and F-16 fighter pilot and Julia is a Lt. Colonel in the US Air Force and she has been assigned to the Pentagon. Joe has a great heart for God and His Word. He has read and studied every scripture we have ever given him. He loves being a disciple and he really understands commitment, dedication, and loyalty to God. He wept at his baptism, loves being in the Band of Brothers, and has already been called one of the  “Sons of Thunder”.

Aaron Channer

Aaron Channer was baptized on Wednesday, May 11! Aaron is an extraordinary young man who’s commitment, focus, determination, and perseverance inspires everyone around him. He’s a record holder in the discus throw, has won academic awards, worked as a coder, and has so many other other talents but his greatest one is his humility and willingness to surrender to Jesus. It’s always amazing to see one of our own grow up and fall in love with Jesus. We know Aaron is going to impact so many people throughout his life and we are grateful to have a front row seat!

Sedrick Page

On May 11th Sedrick Page (white towel) was baptized into Christ! Sedrick was resolute and eager in going after his relationship with God. He looks forward to continuing to grow in his relationship with God and doing his part to build up the body of Christ.  Sedrick is in West Cobb/Smyrna Community.

Aryiana Weatherspoon

Aryiana Weatherspoon (Middle) was baptized into Christ on May 4th, 2022. She is a student at Kenesaw State University. Aryiana got reached out to during the spring semester of 2022 by Sparticus Griffin during a Bible talk. It took a campus student speaking with a loud voice  for her to come join the Bible talk and that was the start of God’s transformation in her life. From there she attended the Spring Ridgecrest retreat and started studying the Bible soon after. Now she has made the decision to make Jesus lord and be baptized into God’s kingdom.

April 2022

Tori Jackson

Tori Jackson (second from right) was baptized on April 26. She is a freshman at Kennesaw State University and is such a joy to be around! She first was connected at a ‘Shazam’ Bible Talk event in August. Unfortunately, her dad passed away suddenly in September which left her angry at God but also looking for peace and answers. In January, she was reconnected with some campus sisters and started studying the scriptures for herself for the first time. God has transformed her heart and given her a spiritual family that she can lean on. Glory to God for Tori being reconciled through repentance and baptism to her Maker!

Dalia Ottley

Dalia Ottley is a hard working student who is graduating early with a degree in Exercise Science. She plans to peruse her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Hampton University. Between Dalia’s classes, presidential role in the honors council, and her clinical job, she has kept Jesus at the forefront of her life. Dalia deeply cares about her relationships with those around her. She constantly seeks to hear what God is saying to her every step of the way. On Tuesday, April 19th 2022 Dalia knew she was ready to make Jesus Lord of her life.  

Dani Shamoun

Dani Shamoun (bottom middle) is a Freshman from KSU that made Jesus her Lord on Tuesday night, April 12! She has been studying the scriptures for the past few months. Dani expresses that she has already tried to do life her way and it did not lead her to good places. She is so excited to live life with Jesus and learn from Him everyday. Dani has become such an amazing part of our campus ministry family and we are so excited to see how God will continue to grow and use her!

Alexus Jones

Alexus Jones (Middle) was baptized into Christ on April 4th, 2022. She is a student at Kenesaw State University. Alexus got reached to during the fall semester of 2021 by Xergio Aguilar, that same day she ran into Lizzy Carrico and Ashley Oputa who invited her out to a campus event called Tuesday Night Live (TNL) and she started studying the Bible last year and decide to make Jesus Lord her spring semester.

March 2022

Dominic Banks

In October 2021 Dominic Banks (Center) was invited to come to church just a mile away from his home, so sure enough he came! After studying the Bible for the last few months Dom’s heart has been radically changed by the Scriptures! Watching him humbly respond to God’s Word is always so inspiring and it’s been a long time since I’ve watched someone’s indignance for sin lead them to repentance. Dom was baptized on March 27th.

Maria Reopke

On March 6th Maria Reopke (middle left) is was baptized into Christ. Maria has gone after her relationship with God with a zeal and love that has grown each and every day. Her heart is so pure and soft. Maria is a young single in the Marietta Square Community. 

Carlton Burke

Carlton Burke (middle) was baptized on March 4, 2022. He is a graduate student who studies at Kennesaw State University. His childhood friend, Corey Fields, would bring him around the Body of Christ on different occasions but at the time he wasn’t fully interested. It wasn’t until 2021 when his life was making drastic changes that he saw his need for God. As he studied the Bible, he really discovered who Jesus was and desired to follow him wholeheartedly.

February 2022

Macros Nora

When asked if he would like to be baptized, Macros answered “I have been waiting for you to ask that question for a while, YES!!!”. Like the Corinthians (2 Corinthians 7:11), Macros showed earnestness, eagerness to clear himself, indignation, alarm, longing, concern, and readiness to see God’s righteousness in his life. Macros Nora (second from the right) was baptized into Christ on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 27th.  He is a single, mature professional who will make a great addition to our Thrive Ministry.      

Katie Barney

The heavens are rejoicing with the decision Katie Barney (second from right) made to make Jesus Lord on February 13th 2022! Katie's heart is so pure and her heart for God is unmatched. She has a zeal to study and live out God's Word that is infectious. Katie is a single young professional and connected with the Marietta Square Community. 

Malik Hussie

This is Malik Hussie (back, second from right), a student at KSU who runs on the track and field team. He loves to hang out with people, laugh, and he loves sweets. He was reached out to for about a year by his best friend and teammate on the track team Sparticus Griffin. Eventually he listened and decided to check out the campus ministry and get into Bible studies! He become your brother in Christ on Sunday, February 6th! Welcome your new brother to the faith!

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith (Center Right) is a Junior at Emory University and was invited to fellowship with God’s people last year by his former teammate/disciple, Connor Sweeny! All summer of 2021 Tommy dove into the Law of the Lord with Jared Clark, his God brother/a disciple in the intown ministry of the church! He’s always been determined to make decisions based off of the Bible and trusts that Jesus’ way leads to eternal life! I admire his spiritual awareness and readiness to see God’s justice done! 

January 2022

Yami Burgos

Yami and Bre met around 4 years ago at work. She randomly got sat next to Bre and they became friends that same day. Since then, they’ve been very close. As they grew in their friendship, they talked about God together often and started praying together. When Bre started studying the Bible at the end of 2020, she knew that Yami would love to learn everything that she was. They began to read scriptures together over FaceTime and talk about what Bre was learning as she was studying. When Lin and Mark came to visit the Ellicottville church in May of 2021, Jim and Ginger got baptized that Sunday. Yami came to meet Lin and Mark and was able to witness their baptism. After this, Kristina joined Bre and Yami and the studies became more consistent. Since Yami lives in Buffalo, she was then connected with the Buffalo group. Iefoma and Sue embraced Yami and really devoted themselves to studying with her over zoom. On January 30th, Yami was baptized and her entire family was there to witness. The following day was her birthday, January 31st. Yami entered her 25th year of life as a new creation and a disciple of Jesus. She was already sharing her faith with so many of her friends while studying and is working to organize zoom studies for them as well.

December 2021

Jack Shade

Meet Jack Shade (left)! He was baptized on December 31st in the Chattahooche river! He’s a fun, young, and athletic freshman from KSU but is now identified by those closest to him as someone who loves God! His repentance has been very evident over the last few months because he’s been very diligent about reading his Bible and studying out the life of Jesus Christ! Just as Jesus made Nathanael feel seen while under the tree, Jack has become more intentional at conversing and serving those around him by follow his rabbi’s example, by being a disciple. Jack always has questions about what he’s reading and is certainly humble to whatever the Spirit is calling him to do. There’s no doubt about it, Jack has tasted and seen that the Lord is good! Welcome, brother!

Camden Kodinsky

Camden Kodinsky (second from left) was baptized on December 28, 2021! It’s so powerful to see young men like Camden grow up right among us and watch them fall in love with Jesus. Camden is an inspiring guy - a natural leader, a clear thinker, a loyal friend, and so much more. From the River Kids, to our middle school and teen ministry, to the Swamp, Camden and the rest of the Kodinskys have been major pillars of faith and service here at North River. It was amazing to watch his “village” joyfully celebrate as Camden was baptized in the creek behind his home. We can’t wait to see how God is going to use Camden!

Evelyn Mary Moody

Praise God! Evelyn Mary Moody (second from right) was baptized this past Sunday 12/19. She had been studying with Brie Shoff and Jordanne Wells and wanted to get baptized. Sunday she made it official, “Jesus is Lord”.

Mauricio Infante

Mauricio Infante (center) was baptized into Christ on Sunday, December 12th. Mauricio’s wife, Katie, was baptized earlier on November 26.  Mauricio and Katie are part of the rapidly-growing Young Married ministry in the NW Community.  Let’s make them feel welcome at North River!

Jeffery Lowe

Jeffery Lowe (second from left) is a Freshman at Georgia State who was met out on campus. He has quickly become a part of the campus ministry family and is a very gifted and talented man. In his Bible studies, his open and humble heart allowed God to work in him and led him to be baptized December 3rd, 2021!

November 2021

Nathan McAlphine

Meet Nathan (center), your new brother in Christ! He’s a freshman at Georgia Tech who is incredibly fired up about being in God’s Kingdom and sharing in the gift of the Spirit! Just like the disciples in Acts 8, Nathan is the kind of man who spreads the good news of the gospel of Christ wherever he goes out of the joy in his heart!

Zoe Faju

Zoe Faju (center front) is a freshman at the Marietta location of KSU. Zoe moved from our spiritual family in Zimbabwe in August and immediately wanted to start studying the Bible. She has come alive by seeing Jesus in the scriptures and decided to respond by getting baptized the day before Thanksgiving in the Chattahoochee River! Please welcome her into her home away from home!

Katie Infante

Friday, November 26th was a special day! While people around the country immersed themselves in consumerism and materialism, Katie (being held) chose to immerse herself in the waters of baptism and became your sister in Christ! Katie is a wonderful wife and mother to her 6 month old son. Katie has quickly developed great friendships over the past 4 months. She has an academic brain and a heart that is eager to know the truth and search the word for answers. From the start, Katie expressed that she wanted something more… something deeper than what she knew and she fought for that. It was amazing to see her heart soak up all that the word has to offer, even when it was hard. Katie’s humility, vulnerability, love for God, the church, and fellowship is amazing and inspiring. Make sure to welcome her as you see her in fellowship and get to know this great woman of faith.

Ebanga Agbor

He makes all things beautiful in it’s time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). It was a joy seeing my amazing friend become my sister in Christ on November 12th!! Ebanga Agbor is a great wife and an incredible mother to her teenage twin boys and daughter. She works as a nurse practitioner in one of the busiest urgent cares in Georgia. Ebanga and I have become very close friends starting about 6 years ago, right after I became a disciple . She has consistently visited our church and loved the fellowship. Sometime during this past year, she opened up in one of our conversations that she wanted to totally surrender every part of her life to Jesus because she believed that was what she needed. Petal and I had the privilege of studying with her and we saw the power of God’s word at work in Ebanga. Ebanga is a woman of integrity with a deep love for God. Welcome home, Ebanga! We love you!!!

- Lin Ottenweller

Jashawn Cooper

This past Friday, November 12 was such a special day! Jashawn Cooper (middle) is a student at KSU. She met some campus disciples and started looking intently into the scriptures a year ago and then took a step back to take more time to decide if she was ready to commit to Jesus as her Lord. She reached out a few months ago and has allowed God’s plan to transform her and help her be ready to be all- in! Please welcome her as you see her in the fellowship!

Dylan Porter

Dylan (being held), brother of Cody Porter, was baptized on Wed, Nov 3rd in the Mackintosh’s pool, surrounded by his friends and family.  Dylan has been an incredible student of the Bible, studying and taking notes in a journal that he has faithfully kept. The Arnett/Childs Family Group has provided a strong support system for Dylan.  It is amazing to see Dylan and Cody now as brothers in Christ - modern-day “Sons of Thunder!”  Make sure you get to meet this great man of faith!

October 2021

Kent Mosley

Kent Mosley (center right) was baptized on October 3 - Kent is a faithful man who deeply loves God and is grateful to be apart of Gods kingdom. He will be in the Intown ministry

Amariah Stanard

Amariah (center) was baptized 10/10 on a Sunday morning! She was met by one of our faithful professionals and then got connected to our church family in Auburn/ Tuskeegee. She eagerly examined the scriptures and decided to go All-In! Please keep praying for our family in Auburn!

Mario Vasquez

Mario Vasquez (pictured back-center-right) is now your brother in Christ! He and Harvey Allen worked together 10 years ago and became friends. God had a plan! Recently he, Harvey and some of the Marietta Square brothers examined scriptures that moved his heart. He made the incredible decision to make Jesus Lord of his life! He Is a Chicago native and has always had a passion for God and sharing the message of Jesus. Harvey thought of him as an Apollos. He, his wife Norma and  family live in Braselton Georgia. Glory to God! He was baptized 10/10/21.

September 2021

Spencer Bright

Spencer Bright (center), from Athens, Georgia, is a freshmen at Kennesaw State majoring in Journalism & Media and has come a long way in his journey with God. Growing up in the church has its challenges but Spencer sought out his own truths and found God in the process. Spencer was baptized September 12th and we can’t wait to see how God is going to use Spencer!

May 2021

Blaine Graham

Blaine Graham (center) just finished his freshman year as a Marketing major at GSU. He has devoted himself to seeking God and changing his life to follow Jesus this past semester. He has grown in many ways, but his desire to do right by God may be the biggest. He is a great friend to others, and he is a humble learner. I think God is going to use in some really great ways. Welcome to God’s kingdom Blaine!

Cici Samuel

Cici Samuel (center) just finished her freshman year as a nursing major at Kennesaw State University! The day she was met on the campus green on the first day of school Fall 2020, she immediately expressed her longing to rekindle her fire for God. As Cici got into bible studies, the Word flamed in her heart like a fire. She would always share with her friends about the ways that God amazes her and would invite them to our Tuesday night meetings by the freshman dorms. Cici has radically repented and decided to make Jesus the Lord of her life on May 2. Cici and the Spirit are unshakeable!

Jim and Ginger Haley

“How happy is the one whose wrongs are forgiven, whose sin is hidden from sight.” Psalm 32:1. The pure joy of forgiveness was so evident in the lives of Jim and Ginger Haley (couple on the left) on May 2 when God washed their sins away in Napoli, NY. After a few weeks of studying with them, we made the trip up to N.Y. to actually meet them. Jim and Ginger are an amazing couple with a sincere love for truth and a deep desire to love and honor God. Their hearts were so tender as they read what God said in His word and were urgent to respond and have their sins washed in baptism. It was such a joy to get to be there with them for such a joy-filled day! Next to Jim is Bree Coolidge that was baptized in December, Kristina Barlow who was restored in January and Bill Coolidge that was baptized in February. Missing in the picture is Roxanne, who was restored soon after. God is at work powerfully in Ellicotville, NY! ~ Mark and Lin Ottenweller. “How truly wonderful and delightful it is to see brothers and sisters living together in sweet unity!” Psalm 133:1.

Sincere Hill

Sincere Hill (center) was baptized into Christ on May 7th, just at the close of KSU's Spring Semester. Sincere was met while disciples were going around asking people for prayer requests on campus in January of this year. He asked for prayers to help his "faith in God go deeper", and through the power of the Gospel, God did just that! Welcome your new brother Sincere!

April 2021

Jazmin Addy

We have a new sister in Christ! Jazmin Addy was baptized on Friday, April 2. This entrepreneur and mother of 2 has committed herself to studying God's word and becoming a true disciple. Her love for people and gratitude towards her God bubbles over.  

Ikenine Ochie

Ikenine Ochie (goes by Ochie) is a third-year finance major at Georgia State University who also happens to play defensive end on the football team! He was baptized on April 18. Ochie has had an honest heart and passion for Jesus in his times learning more about the Father. He hopes to inspire others to follow him on and off the football field, as well as use his passion for financial literacy and Christ to change the lives of others. Welcome to the Kingdom, big man


Meet Jordan Evans (center)! He’s a sophomore at Georgia State who was baptized on Friday, April 16th. Jordan is a disciple full of humility who has been diligently going through the Scriptures and repenting for the last three months. He has a heart for the poor and gives the clothes off his back to those in need. We're excited for him to continue being strengthened in the faith and be a considerate brother in our spiritual family here in the south! 

March 2021

Ashley Oputa

Ashley Oputa, 16 years old and senior at Pope High School, made Jesus Lord of her life this past Sunday! Ashley has been an amazing blessing and encouragement to the North River family, as she's moved here from our sister church in Abuja, Nigeria to study here in the US. Ashley has been living with Billy and Melissa Tulloch (and their three kids) this past year. She has become an irreplaceable part of the Tulloch family and the North River Youth & Family ministry! And now, after many months of studying the Bible with teen disciples and teen leaders in both Nigeria and Atlanta, Ashley has answered the call to follow Jesus, and we're so excited to call Ashley our sister in Christ, as well!

Karen Jaques

The East Cobb/Sandy Springs community would like to introduce you to our newest family member. Karen Jaques (center) was baptized on March 23. Debbie Smith and Yvonne Brock have been inspired by her persistent seeking and humility towards God's word over the last two years. Welcome to the family Karen!

February 2021

Nich Richardson

Nich Richardson was baptized at a Campus Devo on Friday, February 19! Nich is a student at KSU and was met during the first week back on campus in August 2020, so he is a COVID BABY! Nich was deeply impacted by God's call to transform him from the inside out in his decision to become a follower of Jesus. With Covid-19 affecting the normal flow of the Campus Ministry, Nich found a home in one of our smaller Bible Talks that continued meeting outdoors on campus. We are so grateful to have Nich as our brother in Christ!

Desiree Bevineau

On February 6, Desiree Bevineau (second from the left) was reconciled with her heavenly Father. She is a first-year criminal justice major at Kennesaw State University and has been studying the Scriptures all through the pandemic. She is a fighter and did not give up seeking God, even though this past year has been very challenging for her. We are so glad to have a new sister in Christ with so much integrity and love!

Breanna Coolidge, Kristina Barlow, and Bill Coolidge

On December 23, 2020, Breanna Coolidge responded wholeheartedly to God’s pursuit and became a disciple. Last week, Kristina Barlow, remembering her Father’s heart, was restored as a follower of Jesus. On Monday, February 22, Bill Coolidge, Bree’s father, was baptized after studying with Mark Ottenweller and Steve Schoch since the beginning of the year. There were about 20 people there to view the baptism, including Bill’s mom, his ex-wife and about 50 others online watching Bill be transformed by God’s grace. Many others in this small village have expressed a desire to study the Bible. It has been such a faith-building experience for the Marietta Square Community to watch our mustard seed church planting flourish. God’s love is boundless. His reach is endless. His Word is not chained!

Teryon Newbold-Hudson

The Auburn Tuskegee Christian Church announces that Teryon Newbold-Hudson (center), a freshman at Tuskegee University, was baptized on Feb. 23. Teryon is a music major from Marietta, GA. He was invited to a devo by Amaya FaulknerTaylor, who has only been a disciple for a few weeks. That very night Teryon said he wanted to be baptized. He quickly began studying the Bible. “As I grew with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, it helped me with my personal walk with God, and kept me motivated throughout my many struggles,” said Teryon. Wes Featherstone, who studied with him, said it was a joy, "Teryon has such a great level of love and wisdom and understanding.”

Keron Smith

Keron Smith started studying the Bible over the course of November to February entirely over Zoom. Throughout his studies, he has shown true grit and passion for Christ, remaining completely open and fighting to build his relationship with God out of his heart. He shows true discipline, vulnerability, and is a joy to be around. On February 11, Keron was baptized into Christ and made new! We are ready to see all of the lives he is going to impact in the world!

January 2021

Mr. Zimdoa M. Behnzukeh II

Mr. Zimdoa M. Behnzukeh II was baptized on January 31. Mr. Behnzukeh was a religious man, conscious of God, a believer in God. However, did not live a lifestyle of following Jesus. In 2004 he had a stroke. He started studying the bible in 2006 with brothers in the Columbus church, in Columbus Ohio. He hit a few religious bumps on the issue of baptism and stopped studying. God continued to work on his heart from 2014 - 2021 with lots of specific prayers, building relationships, and encouragement to continue to seek God. He made the decision to follow the scriptures on biblical conversion, repentance, and a clear conscience before God.

Amaya Faulkner-Taylor

Amaya Faulkner-Taylor was baptized on Friday, January 29 in Lake Tuskegee. Amaya is a freshman at Tuskegee University studying animal science. She is from Lancaster, CA. TU campus member Wes Montgomery met Amaya one day when she had an armload of packages. He gave her a ride and invited her to Bible talk. Later, campus ministry sisters studied the Bible with her. Amaya was sincerely seeking to get her relationship right with God, and she expressed deep gratitude for the love and spiritual family she’s found at the ATCC.

Nathan Childress

Nathan Childress was baptized on January 1, 2021! Nathan is a junior at Wheeler High School and decided to start his new life on New Year’s Day! Being raised by his mom, Shani, Nathan has inspired us with his exemplary character, humble spirit, and eagerness to know God deeper. Nathan has been an incredible encouragement to all the teens and we are so grateful to God for working in his life. Congratulations, Nathan!

Dominique Jones

Dominique Jones was baptized on January 2! She is Amanda DeLeon’s friend from the KSU gym and has answered a three-year long prayer that Amanda has had to baptize a coworker! A few of the sisters from the Marietta Square Community got to be in her Bible studies since she is a bit older than the typical campus student. Despite all the challenges and virtual meetings, she is already being connected to multiple parts of the church!

Camden Bickel

Camden Bickel, a senior at Roswell High School, was baptized on January 5, 2021 just weeks after his mom, Angela, was restored! Camden is an inspiring student of Jesus and has set an amazing example in his love for God’s Word and his humble attitude. Camden has quickly become a part of our family and has been so encouraging for many of the other teen boys. One of the words to describe Camden at his baptism was “overcomer.” His perseverance and faith have inspired us all and we can’t wait to see how God uses Camden!

December 2020

Shadiamond Walker

Shadiamond Walker is a freshman at Georgia State University studying to become a nurse. She was reached out to on campus at Georgia State at the beginning of the semester. While her Bible studies were completely virtual, that didn’t stop the power of the Word of God from transforming her heart! Shadiamond is incredibly humble and has such a soft heart toward the teachings of Jesus. In the midst of a crazy semester she found refuge in God’s Word and decided to make Jesus the Lord of her life on December 19, 2020!

Oluchi Ekwegh

Oluchi Ekwegh (left) is a junior at Georgia State University and studies neuroscience. While COVID19 has presented countless challenges, Oluchi did not let any of them stand in her way of becoming a disciple of Christ! Oluchi has studied the Bible completely over Zoom over the past few months, and has wrestled to really know God and His Scriptures. After being deeply impacted by God's love in his plan for baptism, she decided to be baptized into Christ on December 14, 2020!

Richard Nwakamma

Richard Nwakamma is a campus student at Emory University, and we had the absolute pleasure of studying the Bible with him for the past couple of months over Zoom. Throughout the studies, he’s been incredibly humble and eager to learn more about what the Bible says and grow his relationship with God. He was baptized at his home on December 2 by his sister, also a disciple, because he wanted nothing to stand in the way of being unified with God!

Breanna Coolidge

On December 23, Breanna Coolidge of Ellicottville, NY, was baptized into Christ in her friend’s giant pink bathtub. Talk about stepping into a new life in style! Breanna began seeking Jesus while in a group bible study, then later decided to do one-on-one studies via zoom with some sisters at North River. Breanna worked hard during her studies and fought to develop a deeper relationship with her Heavenly Father. Her spirit is so bright, and she is eager to spread the Good News to all of her friends and family.

Dwane Sampson

Dwane Sampson was baptized on December 2. (Earlier this year, his wife Tania Pierre-Sampson was baptized into Christ.) It was bitterly cold in the pool, but hearts were warm at Dwane’s baptism. What makes this baptism extra special is that Dwane studied the Bible for months via Zoom and has yet to set foot on the North River campus. For that matter, Dwane first met most people in his Bible studies face to face at his baptism. This is a true testament to the power of God and Dwane’s open-heartedness about the Scriptures. He overcame his skepticism and past negative experiences with organized religion. Although Dwane’s family (his wife, daughters, and sons) live here in Atlanta, Dwane is a British citizen waiting for his Green Card and currently spends half of his time in Wolverhampton, UK (a town outside of Birmingham). Pray that he’ll soon be able to plant his roots solidly here and that we will all have the opportunity to meet him face to face soon!

November 2020

D'Andre Moore

D'Andre Moore has answered the call to stand with Jesus and to follow him as King. He was baptized into Christ Sunday, November 1. Please welcome this hard -working, humble, and kind brother with the love of Christ.

Andrew Lackie

On November 13, Andrew Lackie was baptized in the frigid waters of the Chattahoochee! Andrew is an incredible man of God who has radically repented of his sin and is continuously being refined into a man of integrity for Christ! In just a few short weeks, he’s relentlessly pursued discipleship and has now been clothed with Christ in his baptism! Excited to see what the Lord will continue to do through this guy! “So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.” - Galatians 3:26-27

Kylee Graham

Kylee Graham (middle) is a freshman at Georgia Tech. She was met on the first week of school and began attending on-campus events with the ministry. Despite adjusting to college during a COVID-19 semester and having to social distance and wear masks at all events and Bible studies, she was eager and consistent as she pursued growing in her faith. Toward the end of the semester, God moved in her heart, and she made the decision to make Jesus Lord and was baptized on the night of Nov. 17! She declared she didn’t want to go to sleep until she was baptized. We are grateful for the eagerness and joy of our new little sister in Christ!

Alyssa Pilcher

Alyssa Pilcher was baptized on Wednesday, November 18. She is the daughter of Andy and Heidi Pilcher and a student at KSU. She grew up in the church and has served with her dad on the Worship team. Alyssa’s faith and love for the Scriptures have deepened as she has pursued her personal relationship with God. Please welcome our new sister!

Victoria “Tori” Gatewood

Victoria “Tori” Gatewood (second from right) is a part of the KSU campus ministry and stepped out in faith on November 18 to get baptized. Tori and her family have immersed themselves in our family, and their service at North River has not gone unnoticed. It’s been faithbuilding seeing God work on Tori’s heart this past year through His Word and His church. She has such an ironclad conviction and an indepth knowledge of the truth. We thank God for our new sister in Christ!

Mya Kinney

Mya Kinney (second from the left) from KSU declared Jesus Lord on November 19! She has been transformed and renewed by God’s Spirit this past year. In this pandemic, Mya came to a real and genuine eagerness to actively seek out her relationship with God. She has a joyful spirit and challenges herself and others with the Word. Mya is inspiring and very grateful she’s been added to the Book of Life!

Delana Wilson

Delana Wilson (middle) is a freshman at KSU studying to be a nurse. She decided to make Jesus her Lord on November 21! Delana has so much integrity and character and has fought for the past couple of months to match her life up to the Scriptures. She has fallen deeper in love with God, developed deeper convictions, and inspired everyone around her by her many questions and teachable spirit. We are so excited to have her as a part of the family!

Quin Glass

Quin Glass (pictured on the right) is a 21-year-old film major at Kennesaw State University. Quin is an outgoing individual who loves working out at the gym, doing any activities with friends, and listening to music. Quin was receptive to the Word of God, and he was very vulnerable from our first meeting. We could see his actions and mindset change more throughout our studies. Quin looks forward to walking with God for eternity and learning how to be more and more like Jesus.

Chiamaka Njoku

Chiamaka Njoku (second from left) is a student at KSU who could not wait to make Jesus her Lord on November 30! She has inspired everyone she has interacted with her soft heart and desire always to be learning. She is already a great addition to our family and has challenged us with her gratitude for God answering her prayers this year.

October 2020

Matthew Sawyer

Matthew Sawyer got baptized on Saturday, October 3rd! He is a 3rd-year student studying marketing at Georgia State. Matthew is a zealous young man for God. Over the last 7 months of him studying the scriptures over zoom with the brothers, he has consistently turned around and shared the gospel with his friends. We are inspired by his young faith and so grateful to have him as a new brother in the family of Christ!

Brayden Heacock

The Kennesaw State Ministry rejoiced on Sunday, October 18 for Brayden Heacock’s baptism! Brayden was baptized after an on-campus outdoor service following our “local” retreat weekend. Brayden is a freshman at KSU and lives in the freshman dorms. We are so excited to have Brayden as an irreplaceable part of our ministry and to see him bring all the gifts he has to offer!

Ms. Doris Fearncombe

Ms. Doris Fearncombe is a 97 year old woman who has loved God and His Word for decades. During one of many conversations, Ms. Doris shared that she wanted to be baptized, but wondered if it could ever be possible because of her age. She was asking the same question that Nicodemus asked of Jesus, "How can a man be born when he is old?...How can this be?" As she was studying the Scriptures, and at just the right time, God sent everyone and everything she needed (including warm water) so that she could be baptized into Christ on October 9 in her retirement home! Ms. Doris has a spirit like Caleb, who declared in his old age that God "has kept me alive" for all of these years, and "I am still as strong today" and "just as vigorous" to serve the Lord!

September 2020

Lynnette Ryan

Lynnette Ryan was baptized on September 12. Lynnette Ryan and Cathi Leaman met 17 years ago when their daughters were in kindergarten. Lynnette is married and has two grown children in college, Elizabeth and Jackson. “What I appreciate so much about Lynnette and our friendship is her kindness, openness, and vulnerability. Over the years, she has been seeking God and going to her church. Lynnette first came out to a Women's Day through our family group (Gary and Dena Adams-Deep South). For the last 3 years or so, she has gone to several Women's Days and started studying the Bible and attending midweeks. She goes over her notes, asks many questions, and has been counting the cost ever since. I am so proud to have her as my sister in Christ!” - Cathi Leaman

Sam Adegboye

We rejoice with our new brother Sam Adegboye! He was baptized on September 13, 2020 after studying the Bible these past couple of months through Zoom. Folake, one of our sisters, has been reaching out to her family. A few years ago, she went to Africa and was able to reach out to her parents, Ade and Ester, who are now disciples in the West Cobb/Smyrna Community! Sam, Folake’s brother, began studying the Bible in July with some of the brothers in the Community and had an eager and determined heart to make Jesus Lord. Sam is a part of the West Cobb/ Smyrna Community young professionals! Let’s welcome our new brother!

Josh Estes

Josh Estes was baptized on September 13. Josh came to Atlanta to make a name for himself in the film industry by becoming an actor. Little did he know that instead of finding himself in a movie he would soon be finding a relationship with God. He took part in Barbara Benneville's acting class and began having spiritual discussions with her. Barbara then decided to reach out to Andrew Hare to set up some personal Bible studies with him and later brought in Brandy Gallien and other brothers. Throughout the studies Josh was always eager and soaked up the scriptures. After a few months, Josh made the decision to make Jesus Lord of his life. Praise God!

August 2020

Kelly McCormick

Kelly McCormick was baptized on Sunday, Aug. 2, and is now a member of the Auburn Tuskegee Christian Church. Kelly was invited to church by a coworker, Brian Atkins. She came to a couple of services, and continued to attend virtually during the pandemic. She studied the Bible with several of the sisters, and was always willing to do whatever the Scriptures said. Through building a friendship with the sisters, and great talks, Kelly was able to break free from the issues that were holding her back. She is super excited to live all out for God. Kelly is married, lives in Beauregard, Alabama, and has three grown children.

Phyllis Gosnell

We rejoice with our new sister Phyllis Gosnell! She was baptized on August 8, after studying the Bible through Zoom starting in May. When Phyllis told Eddie she wanted to start visiting churches this past January, Eddie remembered back 25+ years ago when he was our neighbor and we shared and studied the Bible with him. So he brought Phyllis to North River, where we immediately recognized him in the fellowship, and he introduced us. She also met an ex-colleague from work in the fellowship, Keri Williams. Phyllis has an eager and determined heart to study the Bible and has made building relationships through Zoom a priority. Let's all rejoice with how God works in any and every situation!

Kate Weber

We are overjoyed to share that Kate Weber committed her life to Christ on Friday, August 14. Kate and Peggy Beaman met 2 years ago when the Beamans moved into Kate’s neighborhood off Marietta Square. Kate and Peggy quickly became friends and started studying the Bible last year along with Melanie Cicerchia, Kathryn Dillon, Cheryl Touchton, and Lin Ottenweller. The first time Kate came to North River, she said she felt like she had found her home. It has been so encouraging to watch Kate grow in her faith, peace, and purpose as she has studied the Scriptures and put them into practice. She loves God and people deeply, and we are so grateful to be a part of her life.

July 2020

Tania Pierre-Sampson

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” Jesus and the apostles remind us that God is seeking a harvest. He is searching to restore us to a righteous relationship with Him and there a people who will respond. Meet your new sister, Tania Pierre-Sampson, a woman of deep faith who has responded to God’s call and was baptized on July 5, 2020. Tania is the wife of Dwane and mom/step-mom of five wonderful children (Deondre, Kelis, Ezra’me, Jadonis and Malachi). Tania did not allow trial, pandemic, or any other very real distraction to deter her in her quest to know God. Tania’s cousins Claire Anderson and Sheyla Desir are disciples and members of North River and Cornerstone, respectively, and studied the Bible years ago at ACOC Gwinnett. At family gatherings, Tania would frequently defend the gospel with other family members well before this last round of Bible studies with Claire, Kerling Eldred, and Lorre Nelson. Her husband Dwane is currently studying, as well, although he’s returning to the UK for a short time. Please pray for the entire family and get to know your new sister!

June 2020

Precious Balogun

Precious Balogun graduated from Georgia State University this past spring semester. She was met on campus in 2018 on her birthday in a unique way! After hearing people sing happy birthday to a sister in the ministry who shares her birthday, she introduced herself and was invited to have a Bible study. She began that semester but took a break from her studies until the spring of 2020. She reached out this February to continue pursuing her relationship with God. Due to COVID19, all of her studies this year happened over video chats. Despite so many uncertainties in this season, Precious knew she was ready to abandon the world’s way of living and adopt the mind and life of Christ. She confessed Jesus as Lord and was baptized on Father’s Day morning! Welcome to the family of Christ, Precious!!

Tracie Strozier

Tracie Strozier was baptized into Christ on Saturday, June 6. Tracie and her husband, Robert, have known Jeffrey and Sammie Layne for over 20 years. Tracie asked Sammie a question about baptism over a year ago. Since that time, Sammie, along with Debbie Mackintosh and Jean Cimino, has been studying the Bible every week with Tracie. Tracie has been very determined to know what the Bible teaches about true conversion and has been a real student of the Word. Even dealing with many personal health challenges in the middle of a pandemic, her heart and determination to find the truth has been truly inspiring.

May 2020

Cameron Michael Carty

Cameron Michael Carty was baptized on April 26, and to God be the glory! He had been studying the Bible on-andoff since his sophomore year at Allatoona High School. He took his time, because he wanted to make sure he was fully committed and all in! “Cameron, we are so proud that you made the decision to make Jesus the Lord of your life. It has been exciting to see the changes you have made and are making as you navigate your way through this new beginning. As you prepare to go off to college, we look forward to seeing where God takes you on this journey. We want to offer a special ‘thank you’ to everyone that has been a part of Cameron’s journey including the middle school class teachers, teen leaders, Campus Ministry disciples, and Cameron’s mentors.” -Love Mom and Dad

Richard Beeman

Richard Beeman was baptized Sunday, May 31 during of our livestream services! Richard and Trish Beeman, along with their children Ava, Kailee, Ally and Max had been attending North River for several months prior to the pandemic. Due to social distancing, tools like Facetime, ZOOM, and conference calls were essential to continue the work of God during these dark and uncertain times. The East Cobb/Sandy Springs Community group, which is lead by Tom Brown and Steve Adkins, had the opportunity to engage with Richard via ZOOM to spur him onward with encouragement and prayers. Richard expresses his gratitude to Tom, Anthony Petty, and Mike Johnson for studying the Bible with him and sends thanks to everyone for your support and prayers. Please, welcome him to the Body of Christ!

Ashley Porch

Ashley Porch became a new creation when she was baptized into Christ on June 1! She is in the Sandy Springs singles group. Ashley had a real hunger to get her questions answered. She took advantage of a coronavirus related work furlough to study three times a week for several weeks. She really fought to have a soft, humble heart like David in Psalm 51. Welcome to the family of God, Ashley!

March & April 2020

Sena Andea

During the campus Spring Retreat on March 1, Sena Andea (middle) made Jesus Lord!! Sena studies Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology at Emory University with the hopes of becoming a doctor and impacting people in the future. Through studying the Scriptures, she quickly realized that she was not living out true biblical Christianity and became eager to learn more about how to be a disciple of Jesus. God transformed and humbled her heart in incredible ways. We’re so excited to have Sena as our new sister!

Haley Combs

It is so amazing to watch God continue to make a way for people to be reconciled to His son, even during this time! On April 9, Haley Combs (right) a student at Kennesaw State University, decided she could not wait any longer to watch the promises in Acts 2 become reality in her life. She was met at a campus midweek in January and has been studying since then. It just so happened that a sister from Kennesaw who has been living at home with her family since schools closed lives 10 minutes away from Haley and her family. God’s timing and power is perfect! Welcome your new sister in Christ to the family!

Gabby Wong

Gabby Wong (middle), a freshman Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering major at Georgia Tech, is a young lady full of passion and joy for the Word of God! She was reached out to during the summer and took on the school year and her Bible studies with much excitement. Gabby decided to make Jesus Lord February 28! This Florida native is a joy to everyone she is around, and if you ever want to explore the book of Acts, Gabby is definitely the girl to see!

Sparticus Griffin

Sparticus Griffin is a freshman Art major at Kennesaw State University and a member of the KSU Track & Field team. Throughout his studies, Sparticus has shown great humility and curiosity. Whenever he was unsure or misunderstood anything in the Scriptures, he was never shy to ask questions. We are excited to share that he made Jesus Lord of his life on March 6!

Christian Spalding

Christian Spalding (being carried) is a freshman at Georgia Tech studying Neuroscience. He was met on campus at the beginning of fall semester by another band member in the ministry and came out to slip-n-slide kickball. Since then, Christian has been studying the Bible and figuring out how to make his faith his own. He has a strong desire to know God and know who God says He is, which has also allowed Christian to build deeper relationships with his family group and other members of the GT ministry. He was baptized March 8!

Armando Rodriguez (III)

Armando Rodriguez (III) (middle) is a junior at Sprayberry High School. His parents Armando (Jr.) and Milagros Rodriguez have been longtime disciples. Armando had been studying the Bible for some time and learning to seek God with all his heart. Over the last six months or so, his studies included a teen leader, another fellow teen disciple, and his dad. Together this "youth and family team" joined Armando in the Word and through prayer as he fought to develop his own faith. On March 11, Armando made the decision to be baptized and proclaim Jesus is Lord. He is a tremendous encouragement to the Teen Ministry at North River.

Dylan Bagby

Dylan Bagby (second from right) is a junior at Kennesaw State University and is currently studying Digital Animation. Dylan was reached out to on the Kennesaw campus and began studying shortly afterwards. Dylan responded to the Gospel with an extremely humble and open heart that has truly been encouraging. He was baptized on March 17!

Kathryn Carrico

Kathryn Carrico (left) is a recent graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Her identical twin sister was converted in the Campus Ministry five years ago and had been praying for Kathryn to get connected with disciples. Kathryn attended the fall retreat in 2019 and began studying the Bible shortly after. In the last five months she has made radical changes in her faith and deepened her convictions along the way. Although the quarantine forced us to have our last two Bible studies over the phone, Kathryn was eager to have her sins forgiven in the waters of baptism. With less than 10 people present, she was baptized and made Jesus the Lord of her life on March 27! Congratulations, Kathryn, on your new life in Christ!

Kierra Kelly

Kierra Kelly’s life has radically changed in just two months! After meeting disciples on a street near Georgia State University’s campus downtown, Kierra quickly responded to studying the Bible deeper with eagerness and humility. Kierra is a senior Criminal Justice major with a heart for God and for speaking up for those who can’t speak for themselves. She was baptized during the Livestream Sunday service on March 22. We are so excited to welcome her as our sister in Christ!

Praise God for continually opening doors for the Word and providing technology to study the Bible with seekers. The water still purifies from the inside out. Enjoy these stories of celebration within our church family.