Honoring New Mamas
A Very Special Midweek

At last May 12th's women's midweek, Marietta Square took the opportunity to celebrate all their new moms. In the last 2 years, 20 sisters have had 23 babies and 2 new foster kids. Jenni Clemens and Marilisa Schachinger had this group on their hearts for months (even though they both are new moms themselves), and realized that many had missed so much of this experience together due to COVID. So the two of them put together beautiful care packages from the community for each of the new moms or new moms to be and drove to all their homes beforehand delivering them. They shared so beautifully with the new moms from their hearts and experiences, encouraging the community to rally together and be a beautiful village in the lives of all of our children. The night ended with a heartwarming blessing, first in song and then in prayer. Thank you, Marietta Square sisters, for inspiring us as you honored, served, and celebrated our North River sisters and their families.