House Church with Kids: 

Suggestions for Safety: 

  1. Please incorporate children into your group discussion- do not place all the kids in one room of the house unless two volunteers are supervising them and they have been screened. 

  2. Please use adults to watch children- do not have any teens or kids supervise younger children. 

  3. If your group is near a pool or a street, an adult should monitor those particular dangerous spaces. 

  4. Parents should watch their children very closely, especially in public places. 

  5. Parents should do all diapering and bathroom care.


Lesson Plan Suggestions: 

  1. Select any passage or parable, and have a couple of different kids help read the passage. 

  2. Please incorporate kids and questions geared toward kids throughout the devotional. Include a few questions geared toward adults and a couple geared toward kids. Questions geared toward kids would often have simple terms don’t have self-incriminating answers, and are usually preempted with possible answers by the adult.

  3. Be mindful of kids with special needs, they are the group most likely to experience abuse and disconnect from activities. 

  4. Any kind of activity that involves movement will resonate with kids well. 

  5. Feel free to build a devotional from our free curriculum for your group! The link to login is:  and the login is:, and the password: nrteacher