How did it go last week practicing prayer and fasting? Was there anything that you learned about yourself or that came up as you prayed?

Service was a daily part of Jesus’ lifestyle. Everywhere he went, he selflessly served.

  • What stories come to mind when you think of Jesus’ lifestyle of service?

Read John 13:1-17

  • Jesus came to wash the dirtiest parts of us, to serve us even in the midst of our mess. In what ways have you seen Jesus serve you in your life?

All of the disciplines we have learned about battle against the forces around us. We often feel overwhelmed with all the voices coming at us on a daily basis. We easily get distracted. Is there a practice to quiet our mind and hear the voice of God? Silence and Solitude. We live in a world of hustle and anxiety. Is there a practice from Jesus that helps us find rest and fight against hurry sickness? Sabbath. We overindulge, overconsume, and can often be undisciplined. Fasting reminds of our limitations, teaches us to control our hunger and desires, and encourages reliance on the Father. Service trains us away from arrogance, possessiveness, envy, resentment, or covetousness.

When we serve, we are the best versions of ourselves.

  • Think back to a time when you served someone, how did it change you on the inside?
  • What has service taught you about yourself? About Jesus?
  • Who are the hardest people for you to serve?

Read 1 Peter 4:7-11

  • On Sunday, Noelle talked about planting SEEDS (SEEing people and Doing Something). What seeds can you plant this week?
  • Jasmine talked about using your gifts to serve. What are your gifts, talents, passions, and resources? How can you as a community use those to serve others?

Practice for the Week: 

  1. Pray that God would give you his eyes this week. And that he would present you with opportunities to serve.
  2. Choose at least 2 people this week that you can serve (one in your home/community and one in your neighborhood).

Some ideas:

  • Write an encouraging card.
  • Bake something or make some food.
  • Love sports? Find a kid in your community and spend some time playing that sport together.
  • Buy some groceries for a friend.
  • Get to know your next door neighbor the next time you see them.
  • Call your grandparents and ask how they’re doing.
  • Ask your kids how you can serve them better.
  • Ask your parents how you can serve them better.
  • Get involved in the YES! Program’s BACKpack to School!