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"There is only one is the transformative story of how Jesus, who preexisted as Son of God, came to be entrhoned as the universal king...Jesus proclaimed the one gospel by announcing the inauguration of the kingdom of God as well as its anticipated culmination." (From Salvation by Allegiance Alone by Matthew W. Bates) 

Some questions for reflection:

  • Where in scripture do we see that Jesus's central teaching was on The Good News of the Kingdom of God?
  • Is this different than the view you previously had on the meaning of "The Good News" or "The Gospel"? If so, how is it different?
  • How is God's Kingdom at odds with earthly kingdoms today?
  • How does individualism make the Kingdom of God smaller than it is supposed to be?

Read Psalm 2, Isaiah 9:6-7, and Daniel 7:13-14

  • What are your reactions when viewing these prophetic passages together?
  • How did Jesus fulfill these passages in his life, death, and resurrection?
  • What are the implications of Jesus being sovereign and King over us?

1 Samuel 8:4-9

  • Why does Israel ask for a King? Are there any parallels here to us and our lives?
  • Why does God say that through this demand the people have rejected Him as their King?
  • What does God's warning mean in verse 9?

Things to consider:

  • In what ways do you see the nations rejecting or accepting the reign and rule of God?
  • In what ways do you struggle to accept the reign of God in your own life?
  • How can the cosmic, universal plan of Jesus's kingship express itself in the life of our church? In our individual lives?

Good idea for this week:

  • Pray to understand what Jesus meant when he talked about the Kingdom.