For further reflection/discussion

James 1:16-17
We serve a God that does not change. Unlike so many other things in life that change and shift, God remains the same. 
  • What are some of the things, big or small, that have changed in your life this past year?
We are not like God. We change. It's so hard for us to persevere and remain consistent.
  • How has your "shifting" character been exposed this past COVID year?
Exodus 34:4-7
God proclaims His name and unchanging character here. This is so special because there are few places in scripture where God Himself proclaims who He is. This last character trait in vs 6 - "faithful" - testifies that God is faithful and trustworthy in all the other characteristics He just described Himself as.
  • When do you find yourself doubting God's character or wondering if He is going to change and not treat you with the character we read here?
Exodus 33:15-19
Why did God proclaim His name in ch 34? Because Moses looked to God, and called upon His presence during the unsettling times he was in (the Israelites had just rejected Him and God). Moses looked to God for strength and comfort, and God gave him the gift of seeing His Glory and experiencing His presence.
  • Where do you go to find comfort, strength, or to numb out instead of running to God?
  • How can we stay engaged and find comfort and strength in God instead?
  • Isolate what you go to for security, love, or to numb out instead of Going to God. Include that in your fast.
  • Each day this week, pray a prayer of gratitude & praise for 1 of God’s unchangeable characteristics.
Close in a prayer thanking God for His unchanging nature.