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There are children’s classes from infants all the way up to grade school! These classes are provided at our Midweek and Sunday Services. All the classes are taught by our wonderful teaching volunteers and are instructed by the Children’s Ministry Coordinator staff! Every class is designed to teach the children about God through His Word while having fun through songs, crafts, lessons, games and other life applications. We, also, take very good care of the children by providing a safe environment by practicing safe teaching to children ratios, hall & bathroom monitors.

North River Father Honored by Disciples Today

Disciples Today asked readers to tell them “Why I Love My Dad” in celebration of Father’s Day.

Sarah Kodinsky’s submittal won third place!

My Dad, Jack Frederick

My dad is one‐of‐a‐kind! He is a friend to everyone, a hero for the fatherless, a baby whisperer, a photography wizard, a rocket scientist, a papa extraordinaire and, most importantly, a man who fears the lord.

I love my dad because he is devoted to our family. He loves my mother more than anyone or anything in the world and he tells everyone how beautiful she is all of the time. My dad puts our family first. He has always sacrificed his time, career advancement, sleep or whatever was needed in order to make sure he put his family first. He took business trips on red‐eye flights so he could spend more time at home with us. He has always made us feel so important to him. He has always taken time to talk to us, to serve us and to have fun with us!

I love my dad because he taught me to love God. He taught me with so much more than his words. I understand God’s love largely because of watching my dad the past 37 years as I grew up. He lives his faith. He walks with God. He makes the tough decisions, sacrifices and does it with confidence and joy. He puts God first in our family. He prays for us and with us. He never misses a chance to be with the body. He teaches us to love the Bible. He teaches us to love our neighbor, our enemy and our friend. My dad loves others in actions and truth the way God loves the world. He has always parented us with grace and truth.

I love my dad because he is consistent. I have been able to rely on him for 37 years to be a rock of faith, a man of prayer, to be humble and seek wisdom, to strive to do the right thing. I love my dad because he apologizes when he messes up. He wants to do better. I love my dad because he shows me how to be a parent by his example. He has been a humble, gracious, faith‐filled parent to me.

I love my dad because he is so much fun! He has so much fun with my three boys. He is he youngest of six boys and I love his spirit of adventure. I cannot imagine what his mama experienced raising those boys together! He knows how to be crazy and spontaneous and still plays Frisbee, shoots rockets and loves to travel all over the place. I love that my kids get to grow up around an older man of faith and see his example. He is not a boring Christian man, he is a man of passion and righteousness altogether. I love that he takes time for his grandkids and so many other children because he loves the children the same way Jesus did.

My dad is truly one‐of‐a‐kind. He did not grow up with an earthly father who taught him how to be a dad. But, he has obviously sat at the feet of a greater father and learned from Him. And because he is a man who fears the lord, he has been a father to me much like my father in heaven is. I love you daddy!

– Sarah Frederick Kodinsky

Dr. Mark Brings Mukuru to the FLC

Dr. Mark Ottenweller, who is instrumental in bringing HOPE Worldwide’s Early Childhood Development program to impoverished African communities, spoke to the North River children last Sunday about life in Africa, and especially among the children in the Mukuru Slum. The kids were blown away by Dr. Mark’s ferocious lion roar imitation, and especially enjoyed watching their teachers attempt some African dances lead by our multitalented missionary. Starting today, the classes for the 3 & 4 year olds up to grade 5 will take up Sunday contributions to raise money for Generosity Sunday with a “Supply Mukuru!” campaign. The money they collect will mean that the children of the Mukuru Slum will now have the school supplies they need for school.