Welcome Back! 

If you would like to register your child please click here as these are the only classes open, and will be done by pre-registration only!

Preferential selection will be given to the first 20 children

You can expect to see:

  1. Parents lining up in the east hallway to check in six feet apart, with plexiglass boundary between us as we check you in.
  2.  All students being temperature checked before acceptance into class (anything below 99 degrees will be allowed!)
  3.  All families pre-registering (and answering health screening questions)
  4.  All teachers wearing face masks and their aprons
  5. No one except babies and teachers allowed in the classroom, we will aim for no more than 5 children per classroom!
  6. Teachers will not give all the babies snack; however, if a child must eat they can do so with one adult serving them and not sitting close to other kids.

We know some of these new guidelines may be confusing for little ones, but it is all in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy! Can't wait to see you.