Our Mission

Regularly explore, communicate, coordinate, and connect various serving opportunities to all age groups within the NR church.



Jerri Channer: jchanner31@gmail.com, 813-486-9096

North Marietta

Andrew Kaste: andrewkaste@bellsouth.net, 678-525-8748 (for teens)

East (Gwinnett Co.)

Kelcea O'steen: kelceaosteen@gmail.com, 678-863-9639‬

North Campus

Chandler Cook: chandler.r.cook@gmail.com, 720-951-4265‬

South Campus

Nandi Traywick: n.tray15@gmail.com, 919-418-0127

West Cobb

Debbie Swain: swain.debbie@yahoo.com, 757-812-0256


Kherby Jean: kherbyjean@gmail.com, 786-344-3060


Greg Adams: gkadams55@gmail.com404-451-5754

Marietta Square

Katey Tanguay: kateytanguay@gmail.com, 678-575-1357‬

East Cobb & Sandy Springs

Mike Eldred: eldredmichael65@gmail.com, 404-484-5640

Deneise Melendez: dch209@nyu.edu, 678-735-2437

Youth & Family

Lindsey Taylor: lindseytaylor@nrcoc.com, 423-227-0364