Our Mission

Regularly explore, communicate, coordinate and connect various serving opportunities to all age groups within the NR church.



Lawrence Phillips: lphillips@pgeng.net, 770-363-2927

North Marietta

Evan Sanders: evan.a.sanders@gmail.com, 904-234-1216 

Amanda Sanders: amanda.sanders@hopeww.org, 850-766-4161

East (Gwinett Co.)

Tami Wolf:  twolf@theprestonpartnership.com, 678-234-9089

North Campus

Amanda DeLeon: amanda.leigh.deleon@gmail.com, 845-341-8648

South Campus

Fana Meles: fana.meles@gmail.com, 404-786-3010

Nandi Traywick: n.tray15@gmail.com, 919-418-0127

West Cobb

Debbie Swain: swain.debbie@yahoo.com, 757-812-0256


Hannah Schachinger: hannah.schachinger@gmail.com, 404-314-2188


Greg Adams: gkadams55@gmail.com404-451-5754

Marietta Square

Peggy Malutinok: peggymalutinok@gmail.com, 770-862-5830

East Cobb & Sandy Springs

Mike Eldred: eldredmichael65@gmail.com, 404-484-5640

Deneise Melendez; dch209@nyu.edu, 678-735-2437

Youth & Family

Brie Shoff: brianneshoff@nrcoc.com, 404-747-0602