Cultural Humility & Racial Equity (CHARE) Training Modules 1 & 2

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Lazarus My Neighbor

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Tip 1: Whether or not you give money, you should always treat the person with dignity, respect, and love.

Tip 2: Pray and ask God for guidance.

Tip 3: Ask yourself, "Do I feel safe in this situation?"

Tip 4: Have gift cards, bottled water, etc. handy if you feel money may be inappropriate. 

Lazarus My Neighbor

What to do when someone asks you for money on the street
Neighbors Helping Neighbors

One way to honor our neighbors' dignity when donating food or school supplies is to invite them to lead or participate in the process. The mindset of doing with instead of doing for can open the door for mutually beneficial friendships, where everyone learns from and supports one another.

A Meaningful Exchange

Providing opportunities for meaningful exchange when distributing donated items is a great way to honor the God-given strengths and abilities of our neighbors while still providing needed support. We never want our neighbors to feel like charity cases.