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Church on Sunday!

10 AM | Auditorium

Join us for a celebratory day this Sunday, as we honor our moms as well as our High School graduates! We will be having a special dramatic presentation and gifts for our mothers on Mother's Day, followed by an extended communion, and capped off with an honoring for our High School Graduates. We look forward to celebrating together!

It's going to be a full house! Please park at Howard Street lot if you are able, so that we can make room for friends and guests. 

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Howard Street Lot

Here's a map of our church campus showing the location of our Howard Street lot if you need help finding it.

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Generosity Sunday Season of Giving

Now through June 30

We are getting close to our goal! You can still give now through June 30! 

Click to give and for more info

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Men's Prayer Breakfast

Saturday | 8 AM | FLC

The North River Elders are hosting a Men's Prayer Breakfast this Saturday. This is a great opportunity for men from different life stages to come together for prayer, food, and fellowship!

We are now offering a series on servant leadership following the breakfast and prayer time. All are invited!

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Swamp Scholarships!

The Benevolence Committee of North River Church has donated funds to Camp Swamp. These funds will be used to provide scholarships to North River church member families requiring financial assistance to pay the Camp Swamp registration fee. The scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds are exhausted. To apply for the scholarship, please use the coupon code 'nrscholar' during registration and reduce your cost by $250.00.

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Pentecost Next Week!

Join us as we commemorate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all nations on the day of Pentecost! On this day we celebrate the many nations represented within our North River family, featuring multiple languages during service, many different musical styles, and most of all a celebration of God's Spirit at work. 

Please wear attire from your cultural heritage as we celebrate diversity, or wear the color red, which signifies the Holy Spirit coming like “tongues of fire” (Acts 2).

Following service, we are having an International Potluck up the hill, inside and outside the Lighthouse.

Click for all info

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Prayers Needed

Please pray for those in our church family who are hurting, those named here and others not on this list. If you have prayer requests, please let us know at

  • Milton Guest: Milton has been in the hospital after falling and fracturing his hip. He had surgery for partial hip replacement and will have a difficult recovery time. Pray for strength for him to recover completely.
  • Lean Paratto: Please pray for our new sister, Leann Paratto.  She has progressive Multiple Sclerosis and lives in Legacy Ridge Assisted Living. She is 51 years old. Please pray for her MS to slow, and that she can be reconnected with her 11-year-old daughter, Lily.
  • Melinda Morrell-Wilson was diagnosed with Thoracolumbar scoliosis.  That is a a sideways curve that occurs in the junction of the spine's middle-back (lower thoracic) and lower-back (upper lumbar) regions.  It causes quite a bit of pain in the back, hips,  and stomach. Please pray for recovery. 
  • Nicha Hilliard: Please pray for Nicha's dad, Curtis Thompson, as he is suffering from Stage 4 lung cancer in Jackson, MS.
  • Dean Richards: Joe White's cousin Dean Richards, a fireman in Davy, Florida, suffered a stroke recently and is in a coma. His wife Jess Is from Great Britain, So none of her family are stateside. Please pray for Dean's Full and rapid recovery, So that He, Jess And their little one can be Reunited. Thank you all and God Bless!
  • Nora Reed (Aunt of Joe White) of Savannah, 81 has Covid and pneumonia at Memorial Hospital in Savannah. Please pray for Aunt Nora. Thank you all, God Bless. - Joe White
  • Rosa Lopez: Please keep Rosa López in your prayers. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pray for healing and comfort as this is being a devastating news for the entire family.
  • Harvey Allen: Our brother Harvey was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Please pray for complete healing.
  • Greg Lynn: Karl Lynn's brother, Greg, has STAGE 4 lung and kidney cancer. The cancer is in both lungs. Please pray for Greg, his kids and wife Brenda. 
  • Judith Hicks: Judith is experiencing several mental health issues that constantly attack her faith. Please pray for her to have a firm faith in God and Jesus and to be healed mentally.
  • Dana Hawkins: Please continue to pray for full recovery from cancer.