A Life-Changing Experience Through HVC

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HOPE worldwide Volunteer Corps

Registration for 2024 trips is open now!

what? HOPE worldwide Volunteer Corps' main purpose is SERVICE in communities around the world. We partner with HOPEww programs and local staff to restore communities badly affected by material poverty; we teach children, train teachers, mentor youth, rebuild areas that have felt the impact of natural disasters, support sustainable agriculture programs, serve those without shelter and offer outreach to refugees and seniors. Our programs are expansive and meet a multitude of needs across the globe. Our philosophy is one of mutuality and respectful service. Our volunteers go in humility, striving to learn from the communities they serve under the leadership of the local HOPEww programs, and gaining an understanding of other cultures.

why? Volunteers leave an indelible mark of love on the lives of those they serve, and their own lives are forever changed as they build relationships and learn from the local communities.

who? Anyone! Whatever your age, wherever you live, whatever your skills, we have a Volunteer Corps for you!

For more information and to register, visit https://www.hopeww.org/hvc.

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HOPE worldwide Service Corps

Registration open year-round

what?  HOPEww Service Corps is a volunteer opportunity for people who are looking to serve for an extended period of time (minimum of two months). This is a solo experience, not a group one, as is the case with Volunteer Corps. HOPEww will help you determine the best fit for you, in terms of service program, location, length, and skills. There are Service Corps opportunities all over the world.

why?  Your participation in the Service Corps gives you a wonderful opportunity to have a meaningful impact. This is true whether you are a recent graduate taking a gap year, a university graduate looking for a semester-long service opportunity, a professional, or a retiree seeking to utilize your skills to help support a community. 

who?  Anyone over the age of 18. No upper age limit (we love retirees and empty-nesters). We are especially looking for skilled volunteers (teachers, medical staff, counselors, videographers, accountants, sports instructors, etc.), but some programs will accept less-qualified volunteers, such as students looking for a long-term volunteer experience during a gap year. You will serve with HOPEww programs somewhere around the world and use your skills to assist existing programs.

For more information and to apply, visit https://www.hopeww.org/servicecorps

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HOPE worldwide Community Service Brigades

what?  HOPE worldwide’s long-standing Community Service Brigades (CSB) program provides short-term, high-impact volunteer opportunities for those in the medical, dental, counseling, and education fields to use their skills and experience to serve the materially poor.

why?  Brigade volunteers help meet the needs of our brothers and sisters as well as those they serve in their outreach program communities. The volunteers empower individuals and families to invest in and improve their health and well-being throughout the year. The impact of these Brigades is felt for generations!

who?  Medical and non-medical professionals alike are needed to make the CSB’s successful. No matter how young or old you are, no matter your degree or professional qualifications, if your heart is to serve, you are needed!

For more information and to register, visit https://www.hopeww.org/csb.

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