Small group discussion Questions

In Me as it is in Heaven pt 2

The sermon on the mount flips the values and principles of this world upside down. Jesus starts off the greatest sermon ever told with the beatitudes doing just that. The world can disorient us to which way is up and what is the right way to go. 

  • What are ways or areas we can be disoriented in the world and drawn away from the Kingdom of God? 
  • What are ways or disciplines we can use to reorient ourselves to God and his Kingdom?

Read Matt 5:6/Psalm 34:8/1 Peter 2:2/John 4:14/Matt 6:33.

  • What are ways fasting can help us hunger and thirst for righteousness? What other fuels God uses to fill us spiritually?

Read Matt 5:7/Matt 9:10-13.

  • What are ways we can focus on living in community and part of the family of God?
  • Are there any people or situations in which you need to show mercy? What are steps you can take to breed mercy in people and situations around you? 

Read Matt 5:8/James 4:8.

  • How can we live undivided and devoted in heart to God imitating Jesus’ purity of heart?

In our world the people who hunger and thirst for righteousness, show mercy and who are pure in heart are oriented to heaven and bringing heaven to earth. 

  • How can our focus on these three values help Atlanta, North River, your community, your home or yourself bring heaven to earth?
  • What are some specific actions you can take to live out these three traits this week?