In Me as it is in Heaven Part 3 - The Peacemakers

We live in a world where people are in the pursuit of happiness and peace. Things were not too different in the time of Jesus. In the sermon on the mountain, Jesus was speaking to people who had certain ideas of how life was meant to be lived, what led to happiness, and what kind of life merited the blessing of God. 

In his message, Jesus challenged many of these ideas and turned them on their heads. 

  • What are some different ideas/messages that are popular in our world/culture about how to truly be happy and at peace? 
  • What kind of results/ outcomes have you seen from following these different ideas about how to be happy and at peace? Is there anything you've tried that really hasn't worked for you? 

We're going to focus on one particular quality Jesus said will lead us to a blessed life.

Read Matthew 5:9-10

Let's talk about being a peacemaker.

Notice Jesus doesn't say "Blessed are the peaceful" or "Blessed are those who are at peace with themselves."

Peacemaking is something quite different. It is not a passive or idle act.

  • Think of two groups or individuals in serious conflict. What does it actually require to make peace between two warring parties? 
  • How might that help us to understand what Jesus is really calling us to here? 

Read Eph 2:11-18

  • What kind of peace did Jesus make? 
  • How did he do it? What did it take? 
  • What are some opportunities for us to be peacemakers? Think about people in your life that need peace. Think about individuals and groups in your community, either inside or outside of the church. Think about the conflict in our country and around the world. How might we make peace over the next week?

Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” When we live our lives as the peacemakers this world needs, God looks upon us as a father, proud to see us carry on the mission of his son Jesus.