ANGER In Our Hearts

It’s no secret that our country, our world is experiencing lots of animosity, evil, injustice, fighting and yes, murder. These things unfortunately have been going on since the beginning of man, and we see many examples in the Bible. Fortunately, we see several teachings in the Bible of how to address these things in a Christlike and Godly way. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus even goes as far as to challenge the ancient law that says “Do not murder” by addressing the origins of such occurrences and attitudes with a clear teaching on where it starts- in the heart with our anger.

Read Matt 5:21-22. Jesus says “Do not murder,” but anyone who has anger in their heart is already subject to judgment.

Read Ephesians 4:26 which says “In your anger do not sin.”

  • What is the relationship between anger and murder or simply taking action on anger.
  • Why is it important to address anger in our hearts?
  • Isn’t it fine just to be angry in our hearts as long as we want/need to as long as we don’t act on it?

Read Matt 5:23-24: Jesus goes on to command that we should make sure that our hearts are clear before we offer a gift at the altar.

Read 1 Corinthians 11:27-34. Be reconciled before you take the Lord’s supper.

  • What is the relationship between anger/frustration in our heart toward someone or something and how we come before God?
  • How can a person be reconciled with someone or some cause that no longer exists, is not tangible, is an idea, is God?


Jesus challenged us in the Sermon on the Mount to think of things differently, deeper and leaving us an opportunity to come before him unblemished, pure, forgiven. Reflect on your own life now and answer the following questions.

  • Are there any areas in my life where I am harboring anger toward someone or something?
  • What steps can I take now, today to address the anger in my heart? How can God and his Holy Spirit help me?