The mission of the YES! (Youth Empowerment Services) Program is to be a bridge from our church to our local neighborhood. YES! offers a seasonal STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) based Saturday enrichment program to K-8 students in our community. 

Through YES!, North River members help community families secure school supplies, meals, and other essentials. We are continually thankful for our partnership with the Marietta City Schools social workers who tirelessly serve families in our great city.


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Winter Meal Sharing Delivery is December 12th
Thanks to hundreds of our members who've signed up!

North River, we are floored by your heart to take the charge to serve over 60 families with food for the holiday season and the kids' break from school! This is a tremendous blessing to our neighbors. Detailed instructions were sent to all team leads, but please don't hesitate to send your questions to

Thank you for your loving partnership,


Click here for a fun, 2-minute video starring the Famoduns!

Thank You, North River Sports Ministry
YES! thanks Matt Tchir from the North River Sports Ministry for treating us to a fun activity challenge in the Lighthouse Gym on October 3rd.
This was the only in-person event for the YES! kids in 2020 thus far due to an abundance of caution.
Participants signed up and completed safety screenings in advance. Temperature checks were initiated upon entry to the event and everyone in the building wore masks. Mr. Matt started the event with a charge about resilience using the story of someone who means a lot to Cobb Pkwy, Colonel Sanders. Would you try something again after failing over a thousand times? From there, the buzzer sounded and participants rotated around the stations. They swang at wiffle balls, tossed softballs into buckets, aimed to make soccer goals, gave their best shot at the junior freethrow line, and even dabbled in cornhole. It was a COVID-safe event powered by God's people that helped YES! stay connected to our neighborhood families. Additional special thanks to the Corporan, Bloom, and Haddock families for providing workbooks the kids received which were previously requested through an Amazon wishlist. Thank you for answering the call for help. The parents and kids have been so grateful for the church remembering them and sending encouragement during this unique season. 

We've Missed Our Meetings In- Person

North River Has It's Very Own "Reading Rainbow"
The YES! Program Honors These Partners
During the early summer when serving opportunities with children, families, and community organizations were severely limited because of the COVID restrictions... a few disciples (campus and professionals) wanted to explore options that would enable us to continue building trusted community relationships during this unique time while planting seeds that would develop into future "in-person" connections. 
One locally respected organization that educates and supports Atlanta children living within marginalized populations asked if we could make some book/career/skills videos for their summer camp program. We were ALL IN!
These few volunteers enlisted the help of more campus students (and other friends from all ages and backgrounds) to create quality videos of excellent children's books, career choices, and skillsets. 
We quickly obtained positive and highly recommended books (some hot off the press!) from local libraries and matched these books with eager volunteer readers! After just a handful of weeks, this dedicated group of volunteers has created over 65 videos (and counting)! Just wow!
We hope to make these videos, and future ones of all types, available to the YES! Program, our church families, and many other community and school programs that educate and support children and families! While opportunities to build relationships "in-person" may be restricted for a time, these love-filled videos are planting seeds for connecting "heart to heart" with many children and families in the future! 
For more information on the volunteer video project for children and teens, please contact Noelle Broyles.