Back to School Family Devotional

Opening question: Where did you see God providing for you this week? Where did you show other’s God’s love this week?

Acts 19:9

What were these people doing? (talking, discussing). Teaching and discussion are how we learn. Why should we learn? What is a learner?

Being Great “LEARNERS”
The attitude of a learner is seen in Jesus.

Read Luke 2 -- notice the respectful way in which he interacted with the elders, and the respectful way in which he answered his parents. How could he have interacted? It is no surprise that as he has grown up, he is still respectful and gentle as a teacher.

Matthew 11:29

Jesus says we should learn from him! What are some things you have learned from Jesus? What are some areas you want to grow in learning or being a learner this school year?
Ecclesiastes 9:10 -- do your best, whatever you do. How can we as students/learners aim to do academically? If we are wholehearted, we please God!

As we look back on our first week of school- are there areas we can learn more? As individuals? As a family? And what are we grateful for as we look back on our first week?