Important River Kids COVID-19 Update: 

We are off to a great start with having our first children's class last month. When River Kids originally came up with the plan to slowly roll out classes, we were allowing anyone to register and attend church within the parameters of Covid numbers. Since the church is moving forward with having services attended by communities, we are going to pivot our planning moving forward.

We are going to open up our classes for those children who are four and under, giving preference to those in the community group of which is attending that Sunday. If a community doesn't have any children in that age range then we can take any families that register until we don't have any more space. Therefore it will be important that community members register their children quickly. We can provide a small age-combined class for those four and under (including our nursing moms' room). We will continue our safety practices which include: limiting the number of children in a room to five, teachers wearing masks, observing spacing, and copious sanitizing. Sunday was our pilot service allowing one baby, a two year old and a three year old. It went really well. 
Click here to register children.

Our Mission:

Our children are the next generation of faith, and we have both their physical safety and their spiritual health in mind. Our children’s ministry offers a safe space, age-specific teaching and staff that have been carefully chosen to maintain a standard that is above reproach. We offer children's classes from infant to 5th grade during our All Church Midweek and Sunday Services. 

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